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ROW Day 1: 7/14/14

Today is the official day that my profile was set up by my friend Cherry. “ I still cannot believe that I am doing this! … this seems so crazy and out of my element.  Online dating is not my cup of tea.  How in the world did I allow my friend Cherry to convince me? Or did she? Or was there a little part of me that has been curious of ‘ what if ‘ ?”   These were few of the random thoughts that were racing in my mind.  At this point in my life I decided to allow myself to be open… however, I am being open with conditions, lol.  This was the only way that I agreed try this online dating thing.  When my friend Cherry completed my profile, I was shocked that I received so many  responses/messages within 30 minutes, I was taken aback.  I was at work when I was experiencing this inner tug of war with myself.  Again the mind chatter began, “what have I gotten myself into?” and all sorts of thoughts were going back and forth about this decision.  I was fussing (in my head) at Cherry that she convinced me to try this online dating thing.  Then I tried to calm myself down and allow myself to try something new and create a new experience.

I sound crazy, right, lol.  But if you are someone like me or it’s your 1st time online dating, probably you can relate. The only thing that kept me calm was reminding myself “it’s only for 30 days and you could do it.”  Then I had a mini pep talk with myself, “If you are going to commit to this process, you need to do it wholeheartedly to get the full experience”.  Then I had an “aha” moment!  Two movies came to mind (I know it’s random) when I thought about this new journey.  The movie Julie & Julia and Perfect Combination are the 2 movies that jumped into my mind.

Let me give you all a very brief summary of each of these movies and how it inspired me to create this blog.  The movie “Julie & Julia” the main character is Julie Powell (Amy Adams).  Julie is an ordinary office worker that took a personal challenge to prepare every recipe from Julia Child’s cookbook and blog about it.  The other movie “Perfect Combination” the main character is Rick (Christian Keyes).  Rick is committed to his work and has everything going for him, except in the romance department.  Rick decides to hire a matchmaker (which is out of the ordinary for him) to help him find romance and gone through a series of dates and navigated the dating process.  You may be wondering, how these two movies fit into my romance journey… Well, online dating is very foreign to me and never pictures myself doing this, much less to blog about it (I don’t know what has gotten into me)!  Where is Shana and what have you done with her, lol…  The people who are close to me know that I am a very private person, especially, when it comes to this subject.   Maybe, I’m at a place in my life that I’m not concern of other people’s opinion and just embracing the new me, plus I am ready for love (no pun intended, India Aire )…  Let the journey begin! 🙂

                                      Heart Moments

  • I am learning that being stretched out of your comfort zone is a good thing.  Though it can be scary and you may tell yourself, “I could never!…”  try to push pass that fear.  If the thing that you fear has some inkling of curiosity or desire, then be willing to take the baby steps to TRY.  But, do not shy away from the opportunity to grow.
  • The worst thing that can happen is that I can meet great people (that’s the intention that I’m setting/holding).  This online dating journey is not solely about going out on a date or finding a mate, but, also learning aspects of myself in this process … and speaking of process, I’m going to TRUST  it!

*Heart Moments: Are reflections from the heart of the lessons that I learned during my experiences that can serve as tidbit/take-away wisdom as reminders for ourselves.

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