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It all started at a friend’s spa birthday celebration.  My friend “Cherry” and I got into a discussion about online dating.  We had this conversation before and shared our opinions; I’m not a big fan of online dating.  Cherry stated that I’m “such an open-minded person and fun… I’m shocked that you would not consider online dating…” I stated something to the notion that “I’m old fashion”.  However, this conversation was a bit different and caught me off guard, because, this time I had a slight change of heart on this subject matter.  Also, to get her off my back, I agreed to give it a try.  I’m still convinced that Cherry caught me at a vulnerable time, because when a person is in spa mode, one is deeply relaxed and is on a natural high, lol.  I told Cherry that I’ll give this online dating thing a try, and then a big ol’ grin came across her face.  I said “If I do this, I have certain conditions and it has to be done my way…”  Then Cherry inquired about my terms of conditions:

  1. I’ll try online dating for 30 days.  30 days is a typical trail period when you try something new (e.g. certain memberships, try a new product, and etc.)
  2. Cherry stated that if someone sends me a message that I have to reply (of course, not to any and every one).  If someone peaks my interest, then I should reply to their message.
  3. Cherry also stated that I have to go on at least one date.

We both collaborated on the “conditions” that I was comfortable with and still willing to give this online dating thing a try.  In addition, I told Cherry that she has to set up my profile (I actually gave some else control…), because, if she left this up to me “it will not get done”; and she agreed.

A week later I sent her a few pictures for her to get started on my profile.  On July 14, 2014, my online dating profile was officially launched!  Also, my blog idea Romance on the Web (ROW) was conceived! Please enjoy the ride of my 30 days experience(s) as I navigated through the web for romance as I learned more about my SELF –DISCOVERY through this process.  Hold on, it may (or not) be a bumpy ride! 🙂

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