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ROW: DAY 3 (7/16/14)

Today I updated my profile and it felt good!  I spoke with my friend Cherry and shared about my updated profile, she congratulated me.  Also, I mentioned the minor situation yesterday with Mr. “Houdini”.  Cherry stated that it is not unusual for people to ask for phone number to text/talk.  I stated that I understand, however, it also depends on the person and the context of a situation.  “Mr. Houdini” did not greet himself or initiated to chat online 1st ;he bypassed “common courtesy” protocol and I was not cool.  Cherry was trying to see the best of both sides of the situation.  Also, I think she wanted to make sure that I was keeping an open mind about this online dating process (just my thoughts).   I did share with her that for someone’s 1st time doing this online dating thing, that his approach can seem a bit overwhelming, that’s all.  Cherry understood my perspective and I reminded her that I have to take baby steps.  One thing that I learned, you have to go at your own pace and do what feels comfortable for you.   As long as you reach or fulfill the goals that you set out to accomplish.

I picked up a friend from the airport and we were catching up with each other.   I told her that I started online dating and how my friend Cherry encouraged me to try it.  I told her that I’m trying this for 30 days and see how things unfold.  My friend asked  “Isn’t the goal to find a relationship?  I stated “yes”, however, I see online dating as another venue to meet people.  Of course, I am ready to be in a long-term relationship, however, I’m taking a light approach to the dating “getting my feet wet” by getting to know different people.  I am new to this whole “online dating thing” and after my 30 days experience I can decide to continue or not.  Depending on my experience, if it’s good then I may decide to continue; if it’s not my “cup of tea” then I am finished.  Overall, I do not want to get attach to the result or the outcome. There will be times when I may feel uncomfortable by being stretched out of my comfort zone.  And that’s okay!

I know that many people have their own views, philosophy, approach, and/or style to online dating.  I’m just sharing how I view online dating in my world.  If I connect with someone, I will welcome the opportunity to explore a relationship.  I am enjoying and trusting the process by BEING IN THE MOMENT.  And if along this journey I stumble upon a beautiful treasure in the most unlikely place, I will gladly receive it.  Who knows?!   It may be possible to find someone to share this journey called life with…

Heart Moments

  • If you are new to online dating or contemplating if you should.  Just remember to go at your own pace. As long you meet or fulfill your personal goal that is all that matters.
  • It’s great to have expectations, however, don’t allow yourself to get to attached to the result or outcome.
  • Remember to enjoy and trust the process, be in the moment, and have fun!

*Heart Moments: Are reflections from the heart from the lessons that I learned during my experiences that can serve as tidbit/take-away wisdom as reminders for ourselves.

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