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Lesson I Learned From A Cereal Box…

I stopped at Wholefoods this morning to pick up a few things.  I went to the cereal aisle browsing for what I want. Then I saw a cereal that I haven’t  eaten in a while and that’s the one I REALLY wanted.  But, I looked at the price it was “slightly” high, so I decided to go to my 2nd choice that was slightly less.  I guess I would be content with my 2nd choice…

A couple hours later at home, I was in the mood for some cereal.  I went into the kitchen, I pulled out my bowl, almond milk , and cereal.  I poured my almond milk 1st, then cereal, and looked down at the bowl.  I noticed that the cereal looked different from the box.  The cereal in my bowl, was the cereal I INITIALLY wanted.  So now I’m prompted to do a quick mini investigation and was headed to the recycling bin to review the box.  As I was walking towards the bin, I thought to myself, ” I know I picked up the raisins and almond granola cereal”, ” I wonder if I picked up the 1st one instead, because, subconsciously that’s what I REALLY wanted”.   So my inner dialogue ceased when I approach the recycling bin and took out the cereal box, and sure enough it was…. The 2nd choice (raisins & almond).  Then I went back inside to review the cereal contents in my bowl and a BIG ‘OL grin came across my face.  And I said to myself, ” I still got what I wanted, even though it didn’t come in the package that I expected”.  That’s when I had an “aha” moment!

Then I started to think, when things that we truly desire or want shows up in our life, we may have the tendency to overlook them, because, it didn’t show up in the “package” we wanted, expected, or anticipated.  If we overlook that “package”, we probably miss out on the opportunity that we truly wanted or desire.  Or have you experienced accepting the “2nd” choice (s) in your life and it turned out to be everything you wanted and possibly more…

I’m didn’t mean to get too deep about a cereal box… I just wanted to share today’s life simple lesson.  Thank You for reading 🙂


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