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LOVE is my mission! I was Created in LOVE, therefore LOVE lives inside me, I Embody LOVE.  I want to help people to remember who they are, because, sometimes we can easily forget.

When life throws us curves balls, or takes us on a wild ride with unexpected turns, or it feels like your life is twisted up like pretzel. In those moments we have the tendency to forgot who we are, what we are made of, where we came from … LOVELOVE is transformative; it can TRANSFORM a person from the inner depths of their being from the inside-out. This is where True LOVE Transformation resides. This kind of love lives inside each of us — SELF-LOVE!

Some people can have a poor perception of LOVE.  They may feel like love does not exist, love cannot be attained, or think they are unable to love again. When the TRUTH is that LOVE is always here! Some of us have fallen asleep and need a re-awakening to LOVE.  Because that’s who we ALL are … We are LOVE!

P.S. Remember YOU LOVED & LOVABLE, especially, in the moments you may not feel that way.

Love & Gratitude,

love  heart Shana


Song of the Day: Anthony Hamilton- “Everybody” Please click on the link to enjoy this song.

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