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Be Thankful!


In the U.S.A.  most people celebrate THANKSGIVING DAY!  It’s a day that most people set aside to give thanks or reflect on the things that they are thankful for.  Also, it’s a time for family, friends, and loved ones to come together to share a meal, share memories, a time to bond, and etc.  Even those individuals who may not be able to be around loved ones this time of year, there is still something to be thankful for.  It is great that people acknowledge one day (Thanksgiving) that promotes us to reflect on the reasons of why we all should be thankful.

However, being thankful transcends a holiday, especially, if you reside in the U.S.A.  Being thankful is a universal virtue.  Thanksgiving Day should be celebrated EVERYDAY!  It is something that anyone and everyone can incorporate into their lives.


  • In the morning before you begin your day, just say or state ONE thing that you are grateful for and carry that with for the day.
  • Before you go to bed at night or whenever time you rest, reflect on the day and say or state what you are grateful for.
  • It’s easy to be thankful or grateful when things are easy and going well.  Seemingly, when our lives are not going the way expected it can feel more challenging to find reasons for being thankful.  Being thankful does not have any specific criteria or standard to be in a state of gratitude.  Whatever your circumstances, you can find something to be grateful for.

I’m thankful for all of you who took the time to read this blog!

practice gratitude

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