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When you think of the word content or contentment what comes to mind? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Content: pleased and satisfied; not needing more.  Contentment: The state of being happy and satisfied; a state of being content.  I relate contentment with inner peace.  When a person has or maintained inner peace, they are not easily disturbed by their outer circumstance(s).

Most times it can be challenging to maintain or obtain inner peace when our personal circumstance(s) is unsavory.  Or when we become impatient with other people or with ourselves.  Or allow worry to dictate our lives of things we cannot control.  However, we can control the way we respond to the things that we don’t have control over.

Have you experienced being impatient when you are waiting in a line and you have somewhere to be?  Or experienced being stuck in traffic; someone stepped on your feet; didn’t get the job opportunity you hoped for; got stood up on a date; someone ate your favorite snack (without replacing it), and etc. These are a few example of life’s irritants that are common. Especially, for the holiday seasons these common life irritants can be heightened. The gift that you wanted to buy is out of stock; the food that you prepared did not turn out right; your flight got delayed,missed your flight, past issues coming up, and etc. Contentment is being still, not being moved or shaken by things. Whether your personal circumstances are great or not so great. You remain the same (emotionally & mentally), being in a place of PEACE!image

Life can get chaotic at times,but, how are you going to respond?  In what ways can you practice more inner peace or learn to be content today, this week, this month?  When you feel fearful, worried, or uneasiness think about one thing that you grateful for; and focus on that.  Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY !



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