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Dear Lovable One, 


If  you missed last week’s Love Telesummit.  Here’s another opportunity to sign up and listen to the replays from AMAZING speakers.  Shana Campbell, a Certified Creative Love® coach, who is hosted the telesummit this week called, “An Invitation to Love” and she asked us to share this invite with you. 

You are invited to experience five (5) days of LOVE!  The purpose of this Love Telesummit is to inspire, encourage, and increase more love in your life.  Each of the speakers will touch on many aspects of love from self-love to relationships and you will gain clarity, insight, and practical application that can be implemented in your life.  

You can access these PRE-RECORDED calls by signing up below .

Listen and learn, from our featured speakers that shared their personal love journey in many aspects of their lives.  It is absolutely free to sign up and this telesummit is also featuring some of our other Certified Creative Love Coaches

Each of the speakers will have a free gift when you sign up for this LOVE Telesummit.  Allow yourself to be open to love and sign up today!


(be sure to scroll to bottom of that page to register)
Limited Access to replay will end on March 9, 2015

Shana Love Coaching,


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