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Day 3 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “I am now  attracting a loving, satisfying, healthy, happy romantic relationship in my life.”


Affirmation for couples: “Everyday I am growing more in LOVE with my _____________________ (e.g. Husband, wife, or etc.)   

Whether you are a single individual, in a committed relationship, or married.  It’s always a good time to nurture your romantic relationship.  Because, it all begins with self, I’m not talking about being egocentric or selfish.  I’m talking about continuously cultivating self-love in your life.  Self-love can be cultivated by staying committed to your personal growth, establish healthy boundaries, practicing authenticity and the like.  Regardless of your relationship/marital status, you are always the common denominator— YOU are always there,lol.


If you are a single man or woman, cultivating self-love will give you a sturdy foundation to build your house of LOVE!  In addition, the person that may enter your life is more likely to reflect your worth.

If you are coupled or married, oftentimes, the state of your relationship act as a mirror that reflects the state of your self.  Whatever is showing up for you do not view it as judgement or shame, rather look at as feedback.  If it’s something you like in your relationship continue to grow in LOVE; If not, change it and continue to grow in LOVE!


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