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Day 4 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” The LOVE that I seek, resides within me.” 
Before my SELF-LOVE journey, my view of LOVE was about getting it outside of myself.  Conciously, I didn’t see that way, because, it was masked as being the “good girl” or a people pleaser.  When I discovered that I was on the path to SELF-LOVE.  I realized that I exercised poor boundaries ( saying “YES” most of the times) and entertained relationships that was based on unrequited love. 

I was not aware that I assesed my worthiness of LOVE based on someone else’s expectations.  Rather than expectations that I had for myself.  This is a very common LOVE trap that most people get into, unknowingly, till after the fact.  Which possibly resulted in a breakup, divorce, frustrating dates, or etc. when we recognized the trap.  At one point or another many of us conformed to someone else’s expectation, while we put our true self on the back burner for the sake of being in a relationship.  

The true is that the LOVE we seek already resides in you and I.  We don’t need to seek out LOVE like we’re on the hunt, just simply look within.  I know what I’m expressing might seem to “zen” like, but, I believe that having a desirable relationship begins with YOU.  Once you realize and accept that you are building a healthy LOVE foundation is for the relationship with yourself.  This LOVE foundation is helping you set the expectation of how you want to be treated based upon how you treat yourself.

Remember that the LOVE you seek, desire, or crave already exists!  Just look in the mirror.


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