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Day 25 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “Divine LOVE is my Source”

I really like this affirmation!  This week I was reminded so many times where my source came from.  I had experienced minor setbacks of things “I” had planned. In those moments I was not frustrated, irritated, or dissapointed.  Rather, I went with the flow and as a result what I hope to accomplish happened.Though, it didn’t look like “my original plan”, however, it seemed like God led me to a different route and I reached the same destination.  The three (3) pivotal lessons that I learned this week was beneficial.  All three reminded me where my source, power, and LOVE resides in, God.

For me, when I plug into Divine LOVE my vision is clearer.  I remember that anything I need is already provided for, because, God is ABUNDANT!  If you feel like your plans are off track, plug into the Divine LOVE to brings yourself into alignment. 

I’m grateful for the reminder that what I want or need doesn’t come from “external”(i.e job, social status, and etc.).  When you tap into the Divine LOVE you will realize that everything you need comes from within.  Therefore, tune out the noise of the world, and tune into God to allow the Divine LOVE flow through you.

LOVE Nugget
– Please feel free to come up with your own affirmations that suits you best.
– See the lesson in any delays or setbacks you maybe currently experiencing in your life.
– When you tune into God’s LOVE/ Divine LOVE you are on the right track, regardless of what your outer circumstances is telling you.

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