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Invitation To Hawai’i (Business Retreat )

Aloha Everyone!

I have been living in Hawaii for over two years and it’s still surreal at times. I LOVE living in paradise,having access to beautiful beaches and being surrounded by the ALOHA spirit! My life has transformed tremendously and still evolving. Especially, in the area of my career as growing entrepreneur. As far as I can remember, I always had an entrepreneurial spirit since I was young girl. Maybe at that time I didn’t know the name, but, I knew that I like to “do my own thing” and helping people. Since I moved to Hawaii my DREAM was realized! If you are a woman who has a dream (career wise) ready to be unleashed or to rejuvenate your existing dream. I invite you to join me and my Femfessionals (Honolulu) associates to our ” Business For The Soul” retreat. It will be a great opportunity to be surrounded by heart and soul centered women entrepreneurs. We view the work we do not only as a “business”, rather expressing our life purpose/mission through our work. Whether you are an aspiring business woman or already established. You can greatly benefit from enhancing your business through the rejuvenating your mind,heart, and soul. >>Click Here<< for more details. 




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