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                                        (This picture was taken last year)


As I reflect over the past year, I am reminded by the unfolding blessings that transpired in my life. I’m ready for a BIGGER, BRIGHTER, and BODACIOUS Future! It has been an adventurous ride; I pursued the entrepreneurial path, accomplished a personal milestone (published author), grown a lot spiritually, and I could on and on… Overall, I’m grateful for the life lessons that I experienced at 33, experienced ups and downs; and the seemingly “challenges” and “setbacks” that taught me how to turn my weaknesses into STRENGTHS.

Now, I am looking forward to the NEW adventures and blessings that awaits me at 34! I’m looking forward to explore the uncharted territories to uncover the hidden talents that resides within me. To make sure that I am LIVING UP to my FULLEST POTENTIAL, so it can become Potential REALIZED!

Thank you ALL for the birthday LOVE!

I’m going to start my day with one of my favorite India Aire songs “Private Party”! >>Click To Listen<<


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