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Valentine’s Day Is Right Around The Corner…

How many of you look forward to Valentine’s Day?  If you are a single individual, is this one of the days that you dread or not?  If you are coupled or in a romantic partnership, do celebrate this day or not?  Regardless of your relationship status, overtime I’ve heard that showing your LOVE should be celebrated everyday, not, on a designated day.  Which I totally agree that LOVE should be celebrated everyday, every moment, and everywhere.

I would like you to join my live class for The Largest Love, Dating, and Relationship Symposium in history ( I’m excited to be presenting on “How The Ache Of Loneliness Can Lead You To Love” along with 60+ other presenters. 
You can go to the Symposium site or register directly for my session right here >>Register Here<< for FREE access to this class.  I look forward to seeing you in session!

Much Aloha,

Shana Campbell


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