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Do You Give Yourself Permission To Live?

    What would your life look like if you gave yourself permission to do what you truly desire?

    Lately, the notion of self-permission has been emerging from my mind.  Whether in my personal life, business, family members, or mere observation of other people.
    This is a theme that I keep encountering.

    The main thing that keep coming up for me is that I am NOT stuck!  On occasion, I can have the illusion of feeling “stuck”.  However, I’m discovering that I’m holding myself back in some area.  Which I’m not giving myself permission to do or say the things that I truly desire.  It can be due to fear (rejection), doubt (second guessing), or low confidence (being vulnerable).  Or waiting for an external validation (e.g. family, friends, colleagues, or etc.) for permission to take that next step.   

     I noticed that I was the one that was holding myself up.  It was not other people (most cases), because, I still have the power of CHOICE.  Am I going to stay in this situation or leave?  Am I going to speak my truth or remain silent?  What I am learning is that anyone can get UNSTUCK!  When you make a decision to give yourself permission to begin living your life.

    Oftentimes, we are conditioned  to live up to certain expectations from our society,family, culture or any external factors that are heavy influences in our lives.  I know that self-permission is liberating (sense of freedom) and it’s part of self-discovery.  You’ll begin to recognize certain gifts,talents, or interests that you enjoy that you rarely noticed before. You can begin to fall in love (or more in love) with your life and make decisions from an empowered place. You’ll begin to notice that you manifest more desirable experience in your life,because, you are more aligned with your authentic self.   Your dreams, desires, and life are waiting on YOU to say YES

    Heart Reflections

    1) Where are you holding yourself back in your life?

    2) How can you give yourself permission to start living more authentically?

    3) What can your life look like when you start giving yourself permission to BE YOU?

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