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Happy NEW YEAR 2023!

How is your new year (2023) going thus far? Every new year, you and I hear or see the same social media posts, “new year, new me”, lol. Oftentimes, it may start off that way with good intentions, yet, it is often short-lived. However, how can you make this year more intentional? If you haven’t already, maybe, it’s time for you to reevaluate a different approach. I think it’s a great start to learn to become more intentional about what NEW experiences you want to unfold in your life.

I know the past few years have been very challenging for many people in every area of their lives. A lot of individuals have experienced or currently experiencing burnout and feeling the weight of the world. Few have experienced multiple life transitions back to back and it feels like you cannot catch a break. At this point, you feel like you are just surviving and merely existing. The uncertainties of your personal world may have you or someone you love on edge. So many of you are feeling heavy stresses that are related to finances, health, emotional and mental. I want to encourage you with the following words to provide some assurance that your current life circumstance can improve for the better.


Every year, I have a personal theme for the new year. My personal theme is REST RESTORE RENEW!

  • Rest: Peace of mind or spirit (noun). To be free from anxiety or disturbance(verb).
  • Restore: Give back, return. To bring back to or put back into a former or original state. Implies a return to an original state after depletion or loss.
  • Renew: To make like new. Implies a restoration of what had become faded or disintegrated so that it seems like new.


The word REST and Restoration has been coming up for me since last November (2022). I kept hearing that there is REST in RESToration. Many of you are experiencing or have experienced several unrests in your personal lives and witnessing certain unrest in our world.

Also, if you are considered the “strong one” among your family/friends, which, can be very emotionally and mentally draining. Or you are a person who is accustomed to doing ALL “by myself or on my own”. It may be a challenge for you to ask for or receive help when offered. Because you believe that you have to be “strong” all the time. Whatever, your personal circumstances are, I can guarantee that you are unconsciously neglecting certain areas in your life. Lay down the emotional burdens that you are carrying around in your heart; and the worries that are keeping you up at night. I’m here to tell you that it is time to REST.

What does REST look like for you? What areas in your life if you received support that would help ease any burdens or reduce burnouts. Become intentional about this and really reflect on how can you experience REST in those areas.


The past few years have been challenging since 2019, specifically, when my mother passed away unexpectedly. Grief is an interesting process and each year has gotten more manageable. In 2020, while still navigating grief, we were hit with a worldwide pandemic. The whole world was in timeout. I considered it a divine timeout, because, we ALL had to be still and the world slowed down. A lot, of people, had an opportunity to review and reevaluate their lives. Many learned what they truly valued, and everyone had to face the hard truths about themselves or their relationships and overall “wake-up call”. In 2021, the world began to gradually open up and I gradually adjusted to my new normal. In 2022, things in my life started to become lighter (emotionally), and certain life transitions became more manageable and my relationship with God grew stronger. Which, 2023 is the year of RESTORATION in my personal life.

Maybe, the last year or a few years have been challenging and times you felt like giving up. Yet, something deep inside you knew that you had to continue to persevere despite the outer appearances. Because your inner visions of a better outcome and remembering the promises of God is keeping you throughout the personal challenges. Whatever, your personal reasons you choose to continue to persevere. May this year, you’ll experience RESTORATION in every area of your life. Whether time, hope, joy, love, peace, confidence, health, finances, family, relationships, and the things you lost or abandoned. Will be RESTORED in your life and continue to believe that things will get better in your life.


After the restoration process, you will feel renewed and experience a new version of yourself. Because, you have been restored to your original design, God’s design. Your self-image has been RENEWED. Now you see yourself from a more empowered place vs. a disempowered place. The old you has been transformed that you hardly recognize yourself. Keep in mind that it may take a mental adjustment to get used to the NEW you and others may need time to adjust to the NEW version of YOU.

Let’s Connect!

I hope this blog post will inspire you, rekindle your passion, and reconnect with yourself if you felt disconnected or detached. You don’t have to continue to struggle by yourself. If you continue to do the same things from last year, you and I know what the results will be. If want a NEW outcome, it will require YOU to do something different. It is time to invest in yourself if you have neglected yourself or been doing things on your own.

I am here and ready to support you in taking steps toward the NEW YOU!

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