What Is A LOVE Coach?

I love when I get this question, because, the title only intrigues many people. I start off by telling people, I’m not a matchmaker or I’m not a dating coach. I am simply here as to remind individuals that they are lovable and worthy of LOVE, especially single women. Very often we hold on to thoughts of unworthiness and being unlovable because of past experiences. You make harsh assumptions about yourself, based upon certain love experiences. My role as a love coach is to help you transform your LOVE mindset. I EMPOWER my clients to help them gain a clear vision on their LOVE life! I here to help you gain clarity on what you want in order to experience the LOVE you desire. By utilizing the Creative Love® process to explore and identify self-sabotaging relationship patterns and self-limited beliefs around love relationships and yourself. My goal as a love coach is to help you realize your highest LOVE potential!

Is Coaching the same as Therapy/Counseling? 
No. Coaching is more present and future based. Most Therapy/Counseling mainly focused on the past. Therapy may operate from a medical module/approach. Coaching see their client as “normal” and empower them to see their own potential, not treating a them as “dysfunctional”. Overall, Coaching is result oriented and can be short-term. Hopefully, this clarify the distinction of coaching vs. therapy/counseling.

What is my coaching style or approach? 
On a personal note, I am a HOPEFUL Romantic! I do believe that TRUE LOVE IS POSSIBLE! I see an individual as whole; you are not broken and don’t need to “fix” yourself. I help clients to rediscover the LOVE from within (self-love). In my personal opinion, I believe it’s helpful for a person to learn themselves first, in order to know want they REALLY want in a romantic relationship. I simply provide support and give clients the tools that they need to CREATE their ideal LOVE life they want to experience.

What Is Self-Love? 
My definition of Self-Love in a nutshell is making yourself a priority. I know at a glance it seems selfish, but, it’s not. Oftentimes, we put ourselves on the back-burner when we are in the shuffle of helping everyone else, which, can be emotionally exhausting. Which you may possibly run the risk of harboring resentment or feelings of despair. Or, you may feel “unlucky” in LOVE, because, you consider yourself as well-educated, successful in your own right, and a “good person”,yet, you can’t figure out “why am I still single?” … If you are not careful, you maybe tempted (or already have) to buy into the story that “something must be wrong with me.”

Self-Love is really about loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. When you learn to love yourself more, you become the best version of yourself. It will re-energize you to give more, receive more, and love more from an EMPOWERED place. Self-Love can help you be more optimistic about your love life (LIFE in general) to increase your self-confidence to give and receive LOVE more freely without being afraid. The underlying essence of Self-Love is about embracing and celebrating the LOVE within YOU! 

Why Would Someone Wants To Work With A LOVE Coach? 

Most insecurities surrounding love relationships or yourself stems from Self-Love deficiency. Sometimes, you may allow your insecurities to get the best of you that can dim your outlook of love or “cloud your judgement” of certain decision making. Oftentimes, you may hold yourself back and not allow people to see the REAL you, because, you are afraid of being hurt or rejected. It’s easy to fall into your default patterns of how you relate to others due to past experiences or your upbringing. Especially, when you have self-imposed beliefs about yourself. You may see LOVE as risky and become more afraid of it, though it something you deeply desire. It’s time to take the risk to put yourself “out there” by stepping out of your LOVE comfort zone. I know it’s more comfortable to remain hidden in your shadow, rather than standing in LOVE. It’s time to uncover and recover your hidden gifts/talents that your suppressed. Move from inner turmoil to inner peace. Self-Love can help you gain a greater self-awareness of who YOU really are. In order to experience LOVE from the inside-out.

Who Should Consider Working With A LOVE Coach? 
Women who are relationship ready to be in a authentic romantic love relationship.

In addition, women who are not ready for a love relationship, however, want to reconnect with themselves.

For those who are relationship ready, when you do the inner work to cultivate more Self-Love it prepares the foundation for a beautiful love relationship.  

For those who are not ready for a love relationship, when you do the inner work Self-Love helps you to get reacquainted with yourself and be happily single. 

Whether or not you are ready for a love relationship. I’m here to help pinpoint your struggles…In order to discover and rediscover who you are to authentically connect with yourself and/or with someone else. 

What Would I Benefit From Working With A LOVE Coach? 

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” 

~ Albert Einstein 

If you want to experience a GREAT LOVE life, it does not happen by chance. YOU have to be Intentional/Purposeful of what you want. My coaching approach is process focus versus outcome. The process of transformation is not a “quick fix”. However, I do believe and know that you can experience significant shifts within yourself and your circumstances, which, begins with changing your mindset first. In order to gain a different perspective on how you view your life. Going through the process will transform your current reality, which, creates a different outcome. Cultivating a new mindset, by letting go of the old to embrace the new, is often easier said than done and can feel lonely journey at times. 

You may want to consider working with a Love Coach if…

  •   If you are tired of getting yourself in the way of what you truly desire. 
  •  You are clearly aware that what you are doing( or not doing) is not working. Therefore, you open and ready to do something different to experience a different outcome. 
  •  Ready to make changes in your life, but, not sure where to get started. 
  •  You are ready to stop living the watered down version of yourself, and embrace the true reflection of who you really are. 
  •  Ready to stop settling for people or circumstances that doesn’t reflect your true worth or tempted to flirt with the idea of settling.  
  •  Ready and willing to step out of your comfort zone to embark on courageous journey to look within yourself. Which will bring the LOVE within yourself to the surface. 

Here Are The Few Benefits of Working With A LOVE Coach..

• You will have a personal cheerleader for support to maintain a positive outlook in your LOVE journey (you are not alone).

• A LOVE coach can keep you accountable in becoming more proactive in LOVE life.

• Learn to cultivate a new LOVE mindset can allow you to experience LOVE in a new way.

• Experience an increase in self-love that can open yourself up to LOVE! Begin to see LOVE in a new way.

When you continually grow in Self-Love you will have the confidence express LOVE freely! 

If you decide to work with me, you will be empowered, refreshed, obtain clarity and a hopeful outlook on LOVE! However, it is up to YOU to be ready and willing to do the inner work to experience something new. Isn’t time to show yourself some LOVE?    
Please contact me if you want to schedule a call about any of my services. 

Contact Info: shana@shanalovecoaching.com

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