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Love Makeover 2019: Level Up In Your Self-Love!


If you are frustrated with your LOVE LIFE (or lack thereof).  During our time together:

– We will explore and indentity the BARRIERS you have around Love & Relationships.

– Learn how to become more SELF-AWARE of your unsupported thoughts that’s keeping you stuck

– How to increase your SELF-LOVE to ENHANCE your LOV LIFE

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I look f you to connecting with you in person!


Tea Time with Shana: “Self-Care is an act of Self-Love”


“Tea Time with Shana” is designed for busy superwomen who needs a personal time out.<br
purpose of this mini event is to uplift you wherever you may feel mentally, emotionally, or spiritually sluggish or you just need an extra boost. This high tea event is the perfect “pick-me-up” and opportunity to feel energized, inspired, and encouraged!

Typically, you may tend to put EVERYONE else’s needs first, which, oftentimes YOU put yourself last. You probably experience burnout or borderline, which, the feeling of stress can impact your LOVE and life. Due to being overworked/ overcommitted to your career or other personal commitments can be challenging to create a harmonious space with your career, personal life and LOVE.<br
will discuss topics centered around self-love, self-care, self-awareness, and reconnecting with your authentic self. It’s a time to tune out from the noise of your busy life to tune in to yourself to gain a sense of emotional renewal. You deserve a day to spend quality “me time”, relaxation, and peace of mind from your busy schedule. Please accept my invitation to an “Afternoon Tea” to CELEBRATE YOU!

What to expect from this talk:

• This will be more of a conversational style talk, rather than a lecture.<br
xplore internal barriers that you created (unconsciously) that you don’t give yourself permission welcome help or ask for support.<br
earn a few tools to create or add to your “self-care” toolbox.<br
f you feel stuck or stagnant in life and ready to create more momentum.<br
urious to know how Self-Love can positively impact your overall relationships.

When: August 26, 2017 (Saturday)<br
: Ladies Only<br
e: 2-4pm<br
re: “Park 75” (Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta ): 75 14th St., NW Atlanta, GA 30309<br
king: Valet<br
t: $80 (Sign up by August 22, 2017) <br
Please note that space is very limited (max.20 people), so RESERVE your spot today

Suite Life with Shana: An Invitation To LOVE!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”~ Rumi


Being a single woman living in the city, especially, in Atlanta has its “perks”. Many women I know are highly ambitious, well-educated, have successful careers, great personality, yet, they are oftentimes CONFUSED 😳 “why am I still single” OR they get that question a lot from other people. Sometimes, it can be very annoying 😏 to hear that, because, it can seem like “something must be wrong with me”. The TRUTH is nothing is “wrong” with you, it’s a matter of not recognizing that you are WHOLE.

“Suite Life with Shana: An Invitation To Love” is for SINGLE WOMEN who are READY to learn, grow, and take actions in their LOVE lives. During this half day experience, you’ll learn how ENHANCE your LOVE life through SELF-LOVE. You will gain insight and clarity that will help you to CREATE and Receive the LOVE you desire (beginning with yourself). It would be a half day of teaching, coaching, activities, and FUN! I look forward to meeting you in person in Atlanta!

Together, we’ll explore: ✓ Whether you are still rehearsing or replaying those old stories from your past or recent heartbreak. If so, those stories are keeping you stagnant and preventing you from moving forward.

✓ Self-Sabotaging relational patterns that you are unaware of ( unconscious mind) and bring them to the surface to become more self-aware.

✓ How to developing healthier boundaries can act as a filtering system to allow people in your life who will accept, honor, and LOVE you.

✓ The benefits of SELF-LOVE…

This is for you if… ✓You are READY to do the inner work, get real with yourself, do something different and experience a different outcome.

✓ You want to get out of your head, out of your own way, so that you can experience the LOVE you desire.

✓ You want the aches of loneliness to fade, it begins to fade when you recognize your wholeness and realize that nothing is “wrong” with you. You’ll learn to fully accept yourself.

✓ Your way isn’t working and READY to work with a love coach that can help you keep going when you feel like giving up or have given up on LOVE!

When: Sept.3rd, 2017 (Labor Day Weekend)o: Single Ladiesme: 4pm -8pmere: W Atlanta- Midtown (188 14th, NE, Atlanta, GA 30361)st: Early bird $297 (Sign up by August 19, 2017)… Reserve your spot now for ($99)  Payment must be paid in full prior or the day of the event.