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🎭The Mask You Wear 🎭

To mask or unmask… that is question🤔? The PERSONA is the mask that YOU wear. We ALL wear a 🎭 MASK 🎭, it’s our representative that people see and how they PERCEIVE us upon the initial encounter. Based on how YOU want others to perceive you, is the image you’ll PROJECT to the world. The PERSONA we take on is socially acceptable, it’s not something that in unpleasant. The truth is that we all wear a mask, because, it’s a necessity to socially navigate in our society. For some (including myself, initially) didn’t like the notion of that, because, this may imply being “fake”, “inauthentic”, “not being true to yourself”. However, as I examined further of the function of the PERSONA, it began to make more sense. Wearing a mask is not a bad thing per se, however, the difference lies between if a person is conscious vs. unconscious of the MASK they are wearing.   
What “difference lies between … conscious vs. unconscious”? If someone is unconscious (unaware) of the MASK they wear by default they may believe it’s their “true” identity; one who is conscious (Self-Aware) of the MASK they wear knows that it serves as a purpose and it’s not their “real” identity. I hope I didn’t lose you at this point, if so comment below. Hopefully, this makes sense with the aspects of conscious vs. unconscious regarding the PERSONA.

So… how does this relate to the work that I do you maybe wondering🤔?

When meeting someone for the first time our natural tendency is to put our “best foot forward” and making a great “first impression”. When we do this, it’s not being fake, we’re just showcasing or highlighting the best aspect of ourselves. This concept is displayed when going on a job interview or on a first day. As I mentioned previously, the PERSONA is socially acceptable and pleasant. However, if you keep perpetually living from this space to meet other people’s expectations to feel “accepted”, while, suppressing the REAL YOU just to show face. If you are not careful, living life on the surface may result in feelings emptiness, loneliness, boredom, resentment, or emotionally unfulfillment, or come across as “shallow”.

In addition, you maybe hesitant to let certain individuals (good intentions) to get to know you on a core level or get close to you, because, you maybe afraid that if they get to know the REAL YOU, they may not like you or reject you. Therefore, it’s easier to wear a mask to keep up the façade when you first met. Oftentimes, when this happens a person’s insecurities flares up and their SELF-SABOTAGING behaviours may unfold. Which may play out in a form of being deceitful (for self-perseverance), perform disappearing acts (stop call/text/contact) or other knee jerk reactions to keep themselves protected/guarded. These types of behaviours or logic seems twisted, however, it may serve a purpose to the individual. TRUST this is NOT an excuse for a person’s less than ideal actions, however, it’s brief insights of how (unconsciously) self-sabotage or holding yourself back can prevent you from experiencing a greater life & LOVE. Whether it’s with yourself and/or with someone else. Ideally, it’s easier to be authentic if surrounded by others who accepts & allows YOU to BE YOURSELF!

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Romance On the Web Posts

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Romance On the Web Posts

Are You In Love Limbo?

Hello Beautiful People!

I am a Certified Creative Love ™ Coach and my overall goal is to help clients to grow more in SELF-LOVE in order for them to gain more clarity in life, love, and relationships.  If you are a single man or woman who is exhausted playing the date game and ready for a true meaningful romantic relationship; and refuse to settle, because, you know that TRUE LOVE IS POSSIBLE!  It can be emotionally exhausting where other areas in your life are flourishing, except in the area of LOVE.  Or if you have seen some improvements, however, you feel like there is some hidden residue(s) that is keeping you in love limbo…

Are You In Love Limbo…

* Have you given up on love, due to past failed relationships?

* Do you desire to be in a romantic relationship, however, a part of you is afraid of getting hurt again?

* Do you tend to self-sabotage relationships when it becomes serious?

* The thought of having a true meaningful romantic relationship seems unrealistic, and tend to settle for less than what you are worth?

* Do you think it’s impossible to receive/welcome love, because you been single for a long time?

* Are you successful/accomplished in other areas in your life, and seem to put your love life on the back burner?

* Are you tired of the same type of person (e.g. emotionally unavailable) keeps showing up in your life; and sometimes you feel like something is wrong with you?

* Are you ready to make changes but don’t know where to begin?

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This past summer, I remembered my 1st swimming lesson. I was excited and a bit nervous, but, more excited. My swimming lesson was not in pool, it was the OCEAN! Talk about being bold, lol. Obviously, I must TRUST my trainer to take that bold step. As we began, we walked into the water to get comfortable to allow my body to get use to the water temperature. Then we started off with a simple exercise, floating.  He gave me instructions to do it on my own. Then he came to SUPPORT me, which, was assuring. Then I got a mini lesson on the boogie board… the key I had to learn was BALANCE! Then my trainer began to gently push me out of my comfort zone, by removing my “cushion” (boogie board). I began to protest a bit, because, “I was NOT ready” to move that quickly. Then he said something to the notion that was simple, yet, profound. “you look real RELAXED & COMFORTABLE on the board… if you don’t allow yourself to get off the board, you will not meet your goals of learning how to swim”.  When he made that statement, it grabbed my attention. I told him that “I like how you used the reverse Psychology on me”. My trainer stated, it’s not reverse Psychology, it’s the TRUTH. He was correct; I had to face the TRUTH to get over any lingering FEAR.   Then after that moment of truth I felt less fearful and more determined. When my trainer introduced other exercises and/ techniques, I was less resistance and found myself EMBRACING the challenges that I encountered. Whether those encounters were real (losing my balance) or imagined (negative self-talk) I was determined to push past it to OVERCOME. Towards the end of our session, I was so relaxed and having so much FUN!


The overall lessons I learned were…

OCEAN= Taking a BIG step into something new. It can be scary, but, taking the 1st step is an accomplishment within itself.

TRUST= I believe that trust begins with self-1st, before, you can give your/put your TRUST in someone else. A level of trust is necessary to any process one is committed to. In short, like my former graduate professor use to say “TRUST THE PROCESS”.

SUPPORT= I’m never alone; I have the support & guidance along the way in this new venture.

BALANCE= When beginning something new, it’s normal to feel a bit unsettled and to seek balance. You may try this way or that way until you find what works for you. As long as it creates balance.

RELAXED & COMFORTABLE= I’m all for being relaxed & comfortable. However, this goes back to BALANCE. When starting something new, you HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! The only way to get out that zone, is allowing yourself to be stretched. Being stretched is not pleasant or comfortable, but, it is necessary for growth and change.

TRUTH= The truth can set you free, if one choose to accept it. If not, a person may continue to wallow in fear. Most times it’s hard to accept or acknowledge a truth, because, it will require us to make a choice to change something that we may or may not be willing. When truth shows up, how will you choose to deal with it?

FEAR= Everyone has encountered fear in their live at some point, and there are some individuals that live in fear on a constant basis. Fear can have power over you, only if they allow it to. Just like truth, fear is a choice you accept. Here’s another way to look at fear, think of it as information by highlighting any insecurities to one’s awareness.   When fear shows up, how will you choose to deal with it?

EMBRACING= Whether its truth or fear embrace it, it is part of the human experience. Denying what we feel or experience will delay or hinder the growth process. Embracing something fosters self-empowerment! It gives one the courage & determination to pursue the things they desire despite challenges or setbacks.

OVERCOME= When you overcome something, it’s a result embracing one self, regardless of external circumstances. It’s the internal desire/motivation that wants you to obtain something greater than one’s current situation. It’s that inner determination & motivation pushes us to achieve our desired goal(s).

FUN= This one of the most important factor. Remember to have FUN!!   Regardless where you are in your process, a little FUN makes any journey/path much sweeter! 🙂

If you are ready to step out of land of fear and into the sea of love, please don’t hesitate to schedule for your complimentary love assessment (30mins).  Dive in to learn and explore new lessons in love!

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