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Day 9 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “My Body Is Beautiful and I LOVE it”


“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”  is a very common phrase that rings truth. Beauty comes in ALL shapes, sizes, and colors.  Oftentimes, we can be overly focus on outer beauty, rather than inner beauty.  Whether the focus is on oneself or another person, usually it is not uplifting. Especially, if it is about ourselves we can be our worst critic. 

 At times, I’m guilty of my inner critic because, I’m very self- conscious about my body. Specially, when I’m at the beach, I usually like to keep some parts covered.  My friends would look at me like I’m “crazy”.  They’ll say to me ” why are you covering up? you look fine.”  Most people wouldn’t guess that I’m self-conscious do to my small frame.  But it’s true, it’s all mental—  how I perceive myself.  However, I must admit that I have grown tremendously in this area. Appreciating my body and embracing my beauty (inside & outer) is an act of SELF-LOVE.

Though average person may not meet the criteria of popular beauty standards that are measured by society expectations.  You have to remember that YOU are BEAUTIFUL!  The more you LOVE yourself and appreciate your body, you will make better and healthier choices that will enhance your BEAUTY!

Additional Affirmation: “I LOVE the skin that I’m in and comfortable being me.”

LOVE Nuggets

  • Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.
  • Remember that there is more to repetition, getting in the FEELING is a very key ingredient.  
Romance On the Web Posts

New Year, New Me!


I know some people start off the New Year with great enthusiasm and an optimistic outlook.  And there maybe those few individuals who view the New Year as another day and don’t get into the “hype”, because, they may believe people’s enthusiasm are short lived.  Those few individuals may not see the difference about a New Year, because, they may view each day as a new beginning.  From that perspective, I can resonate with that sentiment. However, there is no harm to start the NEW YEAR with great enthusiasm, optimism, and positive outlook!


Wow!!  What can I say about 2014… it went by so quickly! I must say 2014 has been a very, very, very transformational year for me. I had major internal shifts, aha moments, valuable life lessons, seemingly disappointments. However, through all that transformation emerged a BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY– my AUTHENTIC SELF!

What I’m grateful for 2014…
* My family, friends, and LIFE!
* Cultivating AMAZING friendships
* Started my coaching business
* Still amazed at times that I live in Hawai’i
* I felt like I grew deeper in self-love & self- acceptance.

As we begin another year, take this opportunity to reflect on 2014 and what you envision for you life in 2015!

Here Are A Few Suggestions On How To Begin
Take a piece of paper, a journal, draw, or whatever suits you.
Then ask yourself these 5 questions:
1) What Was I Grateful For In 2014?
2) What Have I Reaped or Manifested in 2014?
3) What Have I Learned in 2014?
4) What Did I Leave Behind in 2014?
5) What Am I Envisioning For 2015 ?

May 2015 be the year that you will continue to grow in your GREATNESS!!


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My Aloha Life!😄


Ahh … I LOVE going to the beach, BECAUSE, I look forward to be greeted with a kiss from the sun! I LOVE to watch the palm trees sway in harmony when it’s being serenaded by the ocean waves. People are laying out on the sand, catching a tan; reading a book in their personal nook; swimmers/surfers rhythmically riding the waves, while catching some rays. It’s just another beautiful day of living the ALOHA way! 😄



Romance On the Web Posts



When you think of the word content or contentment what comes to mind? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Content: pleased and satisfied; not needing more.  Contentment: The state of being happy and satisfied; a state of being content.  I relate contentment with inner peace.  When a person has or maintained inner peace, they are not easily disturbed by their outer circumstance(s).

Most times it can be challenging to maintain or obtain inner peace when our personal circumstance(s) is unsavory.  Or when we become impatient with other people or with ourselves.  Or allow worry to dictate our lives of things we cannot control.  However, we can control the way we respond to the things that we don’t have control over.

Have you experienced being impatient when you are waiting in a line and you have somewhere to be?  Or experienced being stuck in traffic; someone stepped on your feet; didn’t get the job opportunity you hoped for; got stood up on a date; someone ate your favorite snack (without replacing it), and etc. These are a few example of life’s irritants that are common. Especially, for the holiday seasons these common life irritants can be heightened. The gift that you wanted to buy is out of stock; the food that you prepared did not turn out right; your flight got delayed,missed your flight, past issues coming up, and etc. Contentment is being still, not being moved or shaken by things. Whether your personal circumstances are great or not so great. You remain the same (emotionally & mentally), being in a place of PEACE!image

Life can get chaotic at times,but, how are you going to respond?  In what ways can you practice more inner peace or learn to be content today, this week, this month?  When you feel fearful, worried, or uneasiness think about one thing that you grateful for; and focus on that.  Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY !