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Love Tank: What’s Your Love Level?


Is your LOVE TANK on E?  Is it Full? Or somewhere in between?  I’m going to go out on a limb to come up with my own phrase about Love, and take a page from Forrest Gump “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never now what you’re gonna get.”   Love is like a gas tank, fill it up constantly, if not, you’ll run the risk running low on Empty and may feel “stranded” in Love.  Well, I gave it a shot,lol.  On a more serious note, when is the last time you checked your LOVE TANK? 

We have all experienced at least once, ALL of the spectrum of LOVE.  Whether feeling Empty to Full or Full to Empty and everywhere in between.  If you feel like your LOVE TANK  is on E, how or where can you begin to raise that LOVE needle towards full?; if you are somewhere in the middle how can you raise it a bit more?; or if your LOVE TANK is Full, how can you maintain it on that level?

If you don’t know how or where to begin to fill your LOVE TANK, you can start by filling up another person’s LOVE TANK.  In my personal experience, I have found this to be one of the quickest way to raise my LOVE level.  It only takes a simple act of kindness, such as, saying “hi” to a stranger, giving someone a smile, picking up the phone to call a loved one, send/give a random  greeting card to some “just because”, and the list can go on and on…

Regardless, of where you are on the LOVE spectrum … There is ALWAYS ROOM FOR MORE LOVE!

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Be Inspired By the Community (Blogging 101 Assignment)

Yesterday, I browsed through a few blogs, however, I did not leave any comments.  I did not get a chance yesterday review the blog assignment until today.  Anyhow, there was one blog site that really stood out to me, but, did not leave any comments.  There were a few posts that I clicked the “liked” button.  I found this blog because this lady “liked” one of my post and I decided to check out her blog.  The name of her blog is   Immediately the title was very intriguing and read her about page.  This “Crafty Lady” served in the U.S. military and is blogging about her current hobbies, interests, skills and etc.  In addition, she has another blog  This “Traveling Lady” really grabbed my attention to the places that she traveled and for a moment I got lost in the moment.  Visualizing myself  traveling to those places that she mentioned; and I have visited few places that she mentioned.  I have a DEEP DESIRE to travel the world and her site was very inspirational!  I caught myself slightly living vicariously through her by the pictures that were posted; and the inspirational quotes about traveling/exploring the world and life.  I felt like packing a suitcase and just go somewhere.

Also, another thing that I admire this ” …. Lady in Combat Boots”; It brought up my  former job working with female veterans .  Specifically, homeless female veterans and it kind of took me back to those ladies that I served.  Remembering their stories serving in the military, places they have traveled, personal stories, and the circumstances that landed them in homelessness  or “homeless” status.  I really enjoyed serving those female veterans and have a special place in my heart for that population.  I was grateful for the opportunity and was an honor to work for those who have served our country, sometime, it is unfortunate that some ( or most) veterans do not feel honorable when are facing homelessness.  Working with female veterans was interesting experience, hearing stories from young to seasoned veterans.  At times, it still amazes me how someone can go from serving your country to homeless… sorry for digressing.

Overall, I’m glad that I  discovered this site and it is very inspirational and makes me want to travel the world!

About 2 days ago I made comments on the following sites:

“Thanks for the helpful advice. I learned something new today.”  on Perelincolors:   In this blog readers were given 8 tips how to navigate if or when you visit China.


“Aloha! I glad that I ‘bumped” into your site. I’m looking forward to hear your journey and other goodies you will be sharing! 🙂 .”  On D’aller Naturel  Her blog is not only limited to her personal journey of transition to natural hair or natural hair.  There are other things that she discusses that you will find interesting.  Definitely, check her out.