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V.I.P Day (Atlanta) : True Love Is Possible 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

This V.I.P day is only open to five (5) women who are READY to learn, grow, and take actions in their LOVE lives. During this one-day luxury experience, you’ll learn how ENHANCE your LOVE life through SELF-LOVE. I’ll walk you through my four (4) self-love process that will teach you how to CREATE and Receive the LOVE you desire. It would be a full day of teaching, coaching, activities, and FUN! I look forward to meeting you in person in Atlanta!

This V.I.P day is for you if you say YES to one or more of the following

✨Ready to do something different to see different results

✨Willing to do some deep inner work that will help you move out of your comfort zone to LEAP into LOVE! 

✨If you consider yourself as someone who is well educated, successful, yet, single… and can’t figure out why? 

✨You’re tired of the aches of loneliness keeping up at night or cry yourself to sleep

✨You are READY to stop making poor choices in LOVE that keeps you from experience TRUE LOVE  

✨You feel like giving up or have given up on LOVE!  
I believe working with me can help you keep going when you want to quit. You don’t have to be alone on your LOVE journey. Connect with me If you are interested and would like more information about my V.I.P coaching program.  
You can contact me at to schedule a call or  Or click here to schedule a call. I look forward to us working together!
                               ✨Remember that TRUE LOVE IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU✨

P.S. Click here for bit more detail
Much Love,

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Day 27 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “ Each Day I Am Growing In Self-LOVE That’s Preparing For My Romantic Partner”

Before, I became a Certified Creative Love® Coach I was a client. It was a new thing
for me to work with a LOVE coach.  It really stretched my out of my comfort zone and led me on my path of  SelfLOVE.  Which evolved into Self-LOVE that shifted my perception of LOVE and relationships.  What I learned is that Self-LOVE is the foundation for every relationship.

If you are a single man or woman and “waiting” for that special person to enter your life.  How are you preparing for that LOVE relationship you deeply desire? What is your personal outlook on LOVE and relationships? Are you hopeful of somewhat skeptical? 

The more grow in Self-LOVE, you’ll notice that your authentic self gradually emerges.  That special person that will come into life will accept YOU for who you are, because, they will be a reflection of you.

LOVE Nuggets
– If you are seeking to be in a committed romantic relationship, seek within first.  Because, the LOVE you seek begins with YOU.
– Interested in FREE LOVE Assessment (30 min consult) click here: (limited spots)
– Be sure to nurture yourself in LOVE each day!

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It’s Official!!! (Book Release)

July 1st is the official release of the collaborative book project SHIFT!   “Shift: Twenty Women Share Stories of Strength, Courage and Succeeding Against the Odds” is your chance to get inspired, informed and ignited. 

The book is divided into three area of focus…

Emotional Shift: Transitioning from hurt and grief to hope and inner peace

 Merging passion, power and entrepreneurial growth

 Mindset Shift: Using self-awareness to develop empowerment and authenticity for serving on purpose

My chapter in the book focuses on a Professional Shift “A Birth of A Dream” highlights the importance of following your dreams, the courage of saying ” YES” to yourself, and remaining faithful in the midst of uncertainty.

What would you change if you could? How would you shift mentally, professionally or emotionally to improve where you are this very second?

Grab your copy right now
 and be part of the moment, the message and the movement!


Thank you for your support!

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New Book Release! (Pre-launch)

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am so excited to be apart of this project with Nikki Woods of the Tom Joyner Morning Show. SHIFT will officially launch on July 1st! However, it is now available on Kindle for .99¢ (limited offer). My chapter in the book focuses on a Professional Shift “A Birth of A Dream” highlights the importance of following your dreams, the courage of saying ” YES” to yourself, and remaining faithful in the midst of uncertainty. Get your EARLY copy now 

Along with the book get free email course 10 Days to Making a Shift plus a bunch of bonuses! 


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NEW VIDEO: How To Know If You Are Ready For LOVE


 Click here this link to sign up for your Free Love Assessment.  I have 10 spots available this week, don’t miss your opportunity.  I look forward to speaking with you. 

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Day 13 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “ This Is A Wonderful Day For LOVE and Prosperity!”


I left the house early around 6 a.m. for a morning run.  My running schedule is not very consistent.  However, I’m getting back on track and I seem to prefer mornings.
Most times I run the same route and distance.  I usually finish at the end of beach.  My inner voice encouraged me to continue. It’s a small incline that overlooks the ocean. I’ve always wanted to do it, but, I end my run at the beach.  So I did challenge myself to go the extra distance from what I was accustomed to.  I felt a bit elated inside and saw the ocean from a different angle that I never seen before.  I felt good! 🙂

Then I walked towards the beach area and sat on a rock near the water.  I was reflecting on my run and ways how to enhance my LOVE coaching business.  As I was in deep thought, I saw a lady walking in my direction.  I had a feeling that she was coming over to speak with me.  The conversation started out as a brief exchange of “good morning” that led to discussions on LOVE,relationships, and potential business opportunities…

When I woke up this morning, my intention was to run and get more insights how to move forward in my LOVE coaching business.  It turned out that I got more than I expected from my morning run. The day was still early and received insights, so now I am expecting more good, more miracles, and more insights to continue to pour in today.  This is my hope for you as well.

Love Nuggets
*Push yourself beyond the self-imposed limits that you have set for yourself.
*Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.

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Day 8 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” I Am Worthy of LOVE and I Clearly See Myself With The Person Of My Dreams”

Before I became a Certified Creative Love® Coach I was not aware (unconscious) that I had a mindset that I was not worthy or deserving of LOVE.  It was hard for me to believe that this thought was playing in the background of my life. Fortunately, I became of aware this blindspot with the help of my LOVE coach that led my on the path of SELF-LOVE.  

I now see that I am worthy and deserving of the LOVE I want to see in my life.  I constantly visualize the LOVE I desire and see myself in a romantic relationship.  Not only do I see it, I feel how real it is as well.  I believe that this LOVE is POSSIBLE for me.  Also, I believe that this LOVE is POSSIBLE for YOU!

Couple’s LOVE Affirmation: “My Relationship Is Filled With LOVE, Honesty, Pleasure, and Wholeness.”


Every romantic relationship can use use a little spice in thier LOVE life from time-to-time.  There is nothing wrong of finding ways to enhance your LOVE life, regardless if your relationship status whether it is new or seasoned veterans.  Saying this affirmation or create your own version can take your LOVE life to the next level.  

LOVE Nuggets

  • Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.
  • Remember that there is more to repetition, getting in the FEELING is a very key ingredient.  
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30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations™ 


I heard that it takes approximately 30 days to begin developing a habit, according to my various Internet searches.  Lately, I have been incorporating positive affirmations in my daily routine(s).  

Since I am a LOVE coach, I thought it would be a good idea to share some LOVE affirmations that you can incorporate in your daily routine(s).   Also, I thought it would be cool to have some company with me, as I implementing this type of mental exercise in my life.  

I hope that you find these LOVE affirmations helpful that can expand, increase, and experience more LOVE in your life.  Thanks for joining me in this journey.

The 30 Day Of Love Affirmations will begin on June 15, 2015… Be on the lookout for daily postings.

Much Love,


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                                  Why Did I Become A Love Coach?

Why did I become a love coach? Often times I’m reminded “why” when I have conversations with individuals about their love life. These individuals ranges from single to married that are confronted with challenges in some aspect in their relationships (or lack thereof). After these conversations, I reflect on how I got started on my unintentional self-love journey when I invested in a love coach. 
When I moved to Hawai’i about two years ago, I was not satisfied with my love life, rather the lack of a love life. I considered myself as well-educated, ambitious, and “a good catch” by most of my family and friends standards. People who were close to me seemed puzzled to why “I am single?”; at times I shared the same sentiment as well, “why am I still single?”. I was in a place in my life that I was ready to begin this quest to uncover this unsolved love mystery. 

I was ready to embark on this love journey, however, I didn’t know where to start. All I had was a desire to get unstuck to experience a meaningful romantic relationship. I knew I needed assistance in this area of my life. Clearly, myself and advice from well meaning loved ones didn’t produce any desirable outcomes. I did what most people do when they are ready for self-improvement, I began reading books and searching the Internet to find answers or clarity. Long story short, a serendipitous moment occurred when I discovered my “answer” in a form of a love coach. To sum my initial experience, “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” (Buddha). 

It was a foreign concept for me to consider working with someone outside of realm of formal counseling or therapy to discuss my personal love life. Yet, I was immensely intrigued, so I decided to sign up for a FREE consult. To my amazement I found it very helpful and gained valuable insights in that short amount of time. But, that time wasn’t enough for me and I wanted to go deeper. Luckily, there were two other occasions for a FREE consult and took advantage of the those opportunities. At that point, I knew that I was ready for change and growth in this area of my life. But, I was still a bit hesitate if I should work with a love coach. One of the main reasons was to be committed to a large financial investment, yet, I truly saw the value. Second reason, fear of the unknown and allowing myself to become vulnerable about this part of my life.  

Obviously, I made the financial investment because I saw the value (in myself 1st) and knew that I was worth it! It has been a rewarding experience as a client and continues to be as a love coach. I get to have the pleasure and honor to help single men and women to take their love life to the next level.   

I invite you to take advantage on my limited offer (June 1st) of my Love Breakthrough session for a one time investment of $57 ( value $197). This is a private love coaching session (90 min) to uncover the internal barriers that you created (unconscious) in love and relationships. If you are ready to take the initial steps towards clarity, click here. I look forward to walk this journey with you! 



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                                              SPRING CLEANING 



Aloha Beautiful People! 

How many of you started Spring cleaning when it began? Are most of you still anticipating to start your Spring cleaning before Summer arrives? In addition, for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the Fall season. Nonetheless, Spring cleaning is always a great time to start new beginnings. Whether it’s cleaning out your closet, changing your personal look, or getting more organized.  It’s never too late to make room for a fresh start in life! 

What about when it comes to matters of the heart? This area of our lives can benefit from “Spring cleaning” to examine what no longer serves us.  Are you still carrying that hurt from that past relationship? Is your heart accumulating dust, because, you are afraid to let someone in?  or Maybe your self-limited beliefs or old stories are cluttering up your mind? Whatever it is for you, I’m sure the emotional baggage(s) that you are carrying is weighing down your heart

I’m here to remind you that it’s never too late for Spring cleaning, which you can begin to declutter your heart and mind. In order for you to make room for more love in your life. If you don’t know where to start or need help to get started. Then look no further, I can help you get more organized in your love life. 

This Saturday only on May 23, 2015, I am making myself available for a complimentary love coaching session (30 mins). This offer is limited to the first ten (10) people who sign up for Spring cleaning for the heart. I know that you are ready to gain clarity and insight to create a beautiful love space. I look forward to speaking with you! 

~ Shana