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It’s Okay To LOVE Again…

You may feel jaded about entering a LOVE relationship or just the mere thought of it can seem repelling at timer. Due to a old heartache that seems hard to mend; tired of being a victim of the games that some people played with your heart; experienced a nasty divorce; been single for so long that you can imagine what being in a relationship looks or feel like… So why bother to entertain Love? When it doesn’t seem to last or lead to more heartache, right?… This can be few of the thoughts/attitude that most people have towards love. Why are you closed off to the possibility that TRUE LOVE IS POSSIBLE for you? How can you become more receptive to the Live that readily awaits you? If you continue to wear those tinted lens, it will be hard to see the LOVE that is AVAILABLE for you, RIGHT NOW! It’s ok to give yourself a chance to be OPEN to LOVE… Try it, it may surprise you…✨🤗✨ 

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Are YOU Afraid Of LOVE?

Are YOU afraid of commitment or allowing yourself to be Loved? How would your life look differently, if you GIVE & RECEIVE L💖VE freely (no strings attached; or not contingent on another person’s “feelings” towards you)🤔? Sometimes, I think we can hold back our LOVE,because, we are AFRAID 😑to VULNERABLE with ourselves🙊. Afraid of someone FULLY accepting and appreciating the person YOU are; KNOWING the REAL YOU😱. Therefore, we tend to play it safe in relationships and tend to dim our light ✨based on the expectations of others. Again, if YOU gave yourself FULL PERMISSION to LOVE (give & receive), how would your life look differently? 

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What Do You ENVISION Your Love Life Looking Like in 2016?

Lets welcome the NEW YEAR with open arms and allow yourself to embrace NEW BEGINNING! This is usually the time we tend to self-reflect, and focus on transitions we want to make (e.g. considering a new career path, changes in relationship status, health & wellness goals, and etc.). It’s important for you to set intentions for how you want experience LOVE. 

As my gift to you, I have created a LOVE exercise that can be very beneficial for you. If you’re seeking clarity and you want to get unstuck and begin experiencing momentum in the area of love, it’s time to do something different. If this resonates with you, then I encourage you to download your copy of this LOVE exercise. This exercise will help you ENHANCE your LOVE LIFE and you can get a free call with me. This call is a brief session to explore, identify, and understand what may be keeping you from the love that you truly desire. If you are seeking clarity in the area of love, then this exercise is for you! Please retrieve (click on picture or FREE) your FREE copy of this LOVE exercise and to get clear about your LOVE life!

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Day 11 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmations: My Heart is Open and I Am Ready to LOVE, Again”

Recently, I have decided that I am ready to start dating, again.  I renewed my subcription to an online dating service.  I’m starting this LOVE journey with a light hearted approach and to have FUN during this process.  I am very excited and open to the POSSIBILITIES of LOVE!

Couple’s Affirmation: ” I LAUGH with my _________________(e.g. husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, and etc.) more and more each day”

Creating more laughter is healthy for your relationship.  Laughter can lighten up a hard situation; it can be a great icebreaker to any silence or a minor rough patch that you may encounter.  It is a great “tool” to jumpstart communication to come to LOVING resolution.  Laughter is a gift and a great way to enhance any relationship. 


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Day 10 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation:” I am LOVED, LOVABLE, and LOVING”


This is one of my favorite qoutes!  It is very simple,yet, profound.  Where should I start…

This week started out ordinary, nothing special, just the “same old, same old” thing.  But, today was different, I witness three BEAUTIFUL rainbows along my coming and going.  I’m always memorized by seeing such BEAUTY and this made my day a less “ordinary.”

Later that day I met up with friends for dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  We were talking among ourselves about each other’s day, foodie knowledge, places we have traveled, and etc.  In that moment it felt so good being in the moment, being present.  This is how we are meant to live our lives, in the here and now.  

Life is not about living in the past or getting too caught up in the future, it’s about being PRESENT!  To be fully engaged in life, to live with intention, to live with purpose on purpose

LOVE Nuggets

  • Enjoy every moment of your life… you can find joy in the little things life has to offer.
  • Not matter what challenges that you maybe facing, you can always find something to be grateful for. You have to look a little closer to find it.
  • When you see yourself as LOVABLE, it can be easier to walk in LOVE.
  • Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.
  • Remember that there is more to repetition, getting in the FEELING is a very key ingredient.  
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Day 8 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” I Am Worthy of LOVE and I Clearly See Myself With The Person Of My Dreams”

Before I became a Certified Creative Love® Coach I was not aware (unconscious) that I had a mindset that I was not worthy or deserving of LOVE.  It was hard for me to believe that this thought was playing in the background of my life. Fortunately, I became of aware this blindspot with the help of my LOVE coach that led my on the path of SELF-LOVE.  

I now see that I am worthy and deserving of the LOVE I want to see in my life.  I constantly visualize the LOVE I desire and see myself in a romantic relationship.  Not only do I see it, I feel how real it is as well.  I believe that this LOVE is POSSIBLE for me.  Also, I believe that this LOVE is POSSIBLE for YOU!

Couple’s LOVE Affirmation: “My Relationship Is Filled With LOVE, Honesty, Pleasure, and Wholeness.”


Every romantic relationship can use use a little spice in thier LOVE life from time-to-time.  There is nothing wrong of finding ways to enhance your LOVE life, regardless if your relationship status whether it is new or seasoned veterans.  Saying this affirmation or create your own version can take your LOVE life to the next level.  

LOVE Nuggets

  • Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.
  • Remember that there is more to repetition, getting in the FEELING is a very key ingredient.  
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Day 4 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” The LOVE that I seek, resides within me.” 
Before my SELF-LOVE journey, my view of LOVE was about getting it outside of myself.  Conciously, I didn’t see that way, because, it was masked as being the “good girl” or a people pleaser.  When I discovered that I was on the path to SELF-LOVE.  I realized that I exercised poor boundaries ( saying “YES” most of the times) and entertained relationships that was based on unrequited love. 

I was not aware that I assesed my worthiness of LOVE based on someone else’s expectations.  Rather than expectations that I had for myself.  This is a very common LOVE trap that most people get into, unknowingly, till after the fact.  Which possibly resulted in a breakup, divorce, frustrating dates, or etc. when we recognized the trap.  At one point or another many of us conformed to someone else’s expectation, while we put our true self on the back burner for the sake of being in a relationship.  

The true is that the LOVE we seek already resides in you and I.  We don’t need to seek out LOVE like we’re on the hunt, just simply look within.  I know what I’m expressing might seem to “zen” like, but, I believe that having a desirable relationship begins with YOU.  Once you realize and accept that you are building a healthy LOVE foundation is for the relationship with yourself.  This LOVE foundation is helping you set the expectation of how you want to be treated based upon how you treat yourself.

Remember that the LOVE you seek, desire, or crave already exists!  Just look in the mirror.


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Day 3 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “I am now  attracting a loving, satisfying, healthy, happy romantic relationship in my life.”


Affirmation for couples: “Everyday I am growing more in LOVE with my _____________________ (e.g. Husband, wife, or etc.)   

Whether you are a single individual, in a committed relationship, or married.  It’s always a good time to nurture your romantic relationship.  Because, it all begins with self, I’m not talking about being egocentric or selfish.  I’m talking about continuously cultivating self-love in your life.  Self-love can be cultivated by staying committed to your personal growth, establish healthy boundaries, practicing authenticity and the like.  Regardless of your relationship/marital status, you are always the common denominator— YOU are always there,lol.


If you are a single man or woman, cultivating self-love will give you a sturdy foundation to build your house of LOVE!  In addition, the person that may enter your life is more likely to reflect your worth.

If you are coupled or married, oftentimes, the state of your relationship act as a mirror that reflects the state of your self.  Whatever is showing up for you do not view it as judgement or shame, rather look at as feedback.  If it’s something you like in your relationship continue to grow in LOVE; If not, change it and continue to grow in LOVE!


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Day 2 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations™ )

      Today’s Affirmation: ” The more I LOVE myself, the more LOVE I can give to others.”


I really like this LOVE affirmation, because, it’s a great reminder to NOT neglect ourselves in the process when we give to others.   Most of us have the tendency to over give, over commit or have a hard time saying “no”.  Though, our act can be seen as “noble” or “humble”, it can come with a cost.  Usually, at the expense at the expense of emotional, physical, and mental health.  This is what called a burn out, it hard to give a person something that you do have for yourself.  This would be equivalent to a car running on empty.  It’s functioning, yet, the gas tank (LOVE tank) is running low.  If we are constantly operating in this state, are we really present and giving our best to ourselves and others?

In order to be our best and serve in our highest capacity.  We have to make sure that we are LOVING ourselves; nurturing our soul, mind, and body; and honoring quiet times with ourselves.  Then you will be re-energized, overflowing with LOVE, and others can experience and enjoy the full (whole) YOU!

LOVE Nuggets

Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmations or interchange words that works best for you.

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30 Days Of Love Affirmations™ 


For those who are not familiar with using affirmations on a consistent basis, this 30 Day exercise is a great introduction.

Key Reminders

  • “An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so.  It is a way of ‘making firm’ that which you are imaging.”    ~ Shakti Gawain (Book: Creative Visualizations)
  • State affirmations in the present tense  (not in the past or future tense).  For example, you want to use words such as “I am”, “here and now”, and etc.  ” I am a lovable person”, or ” I am creating a loving environment in my home, here and now.”  I hope these examples are helpful.
  • Saying affirmations is NOT  solely repeating the same words over and over, again.  You also have to step into the FEELING of what you are speaking.  FEELING is a vital element to this process.
  • Say your affirmations within the first 10-15 minutes when you wake up, because, your subconscious/ unconscious mind is most receptive of your mental state.  Also, the same will apply when you are ready to go asleep.
  • If possible, say your affirmations in front of a mirror.  Yes, it sounds silly and you may feel silly while doing it.  I have found saying it in front of a mirror has a profound affect how I see myself.  
  • You can say your affirmations anytime and anywhere.  Whether you say them aloud, silently, or in your mind it doesn’t matter.   As long as you are doing it.

Benefits of Affirmations

  • It is a great tool to help transform your self-limited beliefs you may have, and expand the possibilities of the life you desire.
  • It’s a great emotional “pick-me-up”, when you need self-encouragement.
  • If you do this in a consistent basis, you can begin to see a SHIFT in your thinking, attitude, and the way you see yourself.