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Day 1 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations™ )

                           Today’s LOVE Affirmation: “I LOVE Who I Am!” 


How often do you tell yourself  “I LOVE YOU”?  I find that many people, including myself that we say this to others, and rarely to ourselves.  I’m starting to get more in the habit of saying this type of LOVE affirmation.  Since I have been doing this I am noticing how it is transforming my life.  It’s noticeable in my decisions, actions, thinking, and relationships.  

In my relationships, I’m setting healthier boundaries and more aware of the company I keep.  In addition, any self-limited or self- judgements that I may experience can be dissolved.  Which is teaching me to become more accepting, appreciative, and loving towards myself.

My hope is that you will find these LOVE affirmations helpful in your daily lives during the 30 days of LOVE

LOVE Nuggets

  • Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmations or interchange words that works best for you.
  • Give yourself a hug and tell yourself “I LOVE me or say your name”.  Trust me it will feel silly at first and after,but, it’s FUN!  Isn’t time to start giving yourself more LOVE.
  • An alternative affirmation: ” I LOVE and appreciate myself, just the way I am”