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                           The Benefits of Working with a LOVE Coach

I remember when I felt like there was no momentum in my love life.  I started to feel like something was “wrong with me”, because, I never experienced being in real romantic relationship.  I went on dates, experienced a pseudo relationship (we’re more than friends, but, it’s not really a relationship, kind of sort of), received unrequited “love”, and being in the “friend zone.”  Can you relate to this?  Despite, those experiences I remained hopeful about love.  At that time, I was really focused on completing my graduate degree, thinking about my future career, and as a byproduct I put my love life on the back burner.  Hoping that “one day” love will magically fall into my lap.

When I moved to Hawai’i, I was ready and willing to live life differently.  I began to assess my love life and decided that I needed to take a different approach.  When I made that decision and love became my priority, opportunity knocked on my heart.  I’m reminded by this Zen quote “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  That’s what happened to me, my love coach appeared!  Which was the beginning of rewriting my love story.

It can be frustrating when other areas in your life is flourishing, except in the area of love.  You probably tried the self-help books, affirmations, friends/family and etc.  I’m not minimizing these resources, because, I continue to implement them in my life.  I’m sure that you have experienced some improvements, however, there are hidden residues that are keeping you stuck in love.  In the area of love and relationships most people think this is something that will happen automatically.  This is a common misconception, which most individuals may think it’s not necessary to put any time, attention, or effort to nurture their love life.  Interestingly, it’s common to put time, attention, and efforts in other areas of your life ( e.g. career,education, money, and etc.).  Why not give the same attention to your love life? Why leave it up chance?

What if you could uncover what is really keeping the love you desire at a distance?  Unconsciously, you are not allowing love in your life.  This is where I come in to help you navigate the areas that’s preventing you to receive the love that you desire. It’s time to make LOVE your priority!

The Benefits…

Coaching is not therapy or counseling, it a less formal approach to examine your love life.

•    A love coach can help you to obtain a clear vision  for your love life.  
•    Provide support and guidance that will help you to get focus to reach your desired goal.
•    Once you open up yourself to love, you will see the infinite possibilities!
•    The more you grow in self-love, you view love and relationships in a different way.

If you are ready to take your LOVE to the next level, schedule your FREE Love Assessment.  Please watch this video to learn more of the benefits of working with a love coach.

Romance On the Web Posts

Are You In Love Limbo?

Hello Beautiful People!

I am a Certified Creative Love ™ Coach and my overall goal is to help clients to grow more in SELF-LOVE in order for them to gain more clarity in life, love, and relationships.  If you are a single man or woman who is exhausted playing the date game and ready for a true meaningful romantic relationship; and refuse to settle, because, you know that TRUE LOVE IS POSSIBLE!  It can be emotionally exhausting where other areas in your life are flourishing, except in the area of LOVE.  Or if you have seen some improvements, however, you feel like there is some hidden residue(s) that is keeping you in love limbo…

Are You In Love Limbo…

* Have you given up on love, due to past failed relationships?

* Do you desire to be in a romantic relationship, however, a part of you is afraid of getting hurt again?

* Do you tend to self-sabotage relationships when it becomes serious?

* The thought of having a true meaningful romantic relationship seems unrealistic, and tend to settle for less than what you are worth?

* Do you think it’s impossible to receive/welcome love, because you been single for a long time?

* Are you successful/accomplished in other areas in your life, and seem to put your love life on the back burner?

* Are you tired of the same type of person (e.g. emotionally unavailable) keeps showing up in your life; and sometimes you feel like something is wrong with you?

* Are you ready to make changes but don’t know where to begin?

If you resonated with any of the following statements, please do not hesitate to sign up for your complimentary love assessment (30 mins).  This exploratory call can help you to begin to uncover the hidden areas that may be hindering your LOVE growth.  It’s time to make your LOVE life a priority!

Sign up for YOUR Complimentary Love Assessment !