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Don’t Give Up On LOVE!

Most single adults that I have spoken with, seems to be on the brink of losing hope of experiencing a sustainable LOVING relationship. Many are tired of going on endless dates that leads to a dead end, because, it seems like the other person is only interested in “hooking up”. Some are still recovering from a major break up or divorce and still processing their pain. Few of the single parents are ready to explore the possibilities of entering a new LOVE relationship, yet, they feel somewhat immobilized (oftentimes their ex is still in the picture). These are the few common scenarios that I encounter in conversations with these individuals. They hesitate to move forward in LOVE, because, they are afraid of the same outcome – nowhere.   

I understand how emotionally exhausting it can be if you are someone who has been single for a long time, and tired of getting on the dating merry-go-rounds ( not so merry); or those in a committed relationship the LOVE may seems a bit lackluster. The LOVE or happiness that you truly desire should not be contingent on someone else. When you learn to cultivate more SELF-LOVE and begin to live more authentically, your new mindset cannot accommodate your old mindset. You start to release old stories you believed about yourself that does not match the new person that you are becoming. Your new mindset will shift your perception on LOVE and relationships. 

Just when you were about to give up on LOVE, which, meant you were ready to give up on yourself. The feeling of emotional exhausted is trying to get your attention to look within and stop looking outward for LOVE to feel fulfilled. That emotional unrest is your inner self reaching out to you to go deeper and face your resistance to LOVE. This can feel very uncomfortable, however, this is preparation for a breakthrough where miracles happens. Breakthrough from old love/relationship patterns, self-limited beliefs, or poor boundaries that usually results in self-sabotaging behaviors that keeps you in your comfort zone. Rid the internal barriers by learning to LOVE and accept yourself, which, give yourself permission to be receptive to a romantic LOVE partner that awaits you (or renew the LOVE in an existing relationship).

It’s time to stop waiting for LOVE to arrive and start living your life and thrive. When you begin living your life you’ll notice that you are always surrounded by LOVE. While you maybe waiting on LOVE, LOVE is waiting on you to start LOVING yourself and stop putting your life on hold. Don’t give up on LOVE, because, you can create the greatest LOVE story that begins with YOU!  

Heart Reflections

1) What does giving up on LOVE look like to you? (e.g. a person, relationship, or yourself) 
2) What are some of your personal LOVE expectations that are unfulfilled that maybe contributing to the feeling of unsatisfactory in your current LOVE life? 

3) When you feel emotionally exhausted, what emotions are triggered? Pay attention to what you currently feeling or happening when you feel emotionally exhausted (e.g. certain thoughts, situation, person, or etc.). Self-awareness is key to help you move forward.  

If you feel like your LOVE life needs a BOOST. I would like to connect with you to help give you a JUMPSTART in your LOVE life. Click here to learn more. Remember that True LOVE Is Possible!

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Day 26 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “ I Am Now Attracting A LOVELY Miracle In My Life!”

Are you waiting for something good to happen, a breakthrough, or a MIRACLE? It can be in any area of your life, whether it’s in a relationship, financial, spiritual, and etc.  You may feel like you to on the brink of a breakthrough that you have been anticipating.  Or patiently or impatiently waiting for a SHIFT to happen.

At times, it can seem like All the wishing, hoping, praying, and etc. that you are doing is in vain.  Because, you are not seeing any physical “evidence” that a change is coming.  You seem like you are stuck in the same place with little or no  momentum. In those moments doubt, fear, and self-judgement can begin to creep in your mind.  Yet, that tiny little voice on the inside encourages you remain HOPEFUL.  This is where you can exercise your FAITH muscles to maintain a HOPEFUL outlook of your situation.

Expect A Miracle!

LOVE Nuggets
MIRACLES can happen at any moment, time, or place.  Keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart OPEN to witness it.
– How can you create a MIRACLE for another person?
– Keep the FAITH, maintain POSITIVE outlook, and EXPECT what you HOPE for will MANIFEST in your life.

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Day 25 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “Divine LOVE is my Source”

I really like this affirmation!  This week I was reminded so many times where my source came from.  I had experienced minor setbacks of things “I” had planned. In those moments I was not frustrated, irritated, or dissapointed.  Rather, I went with the flow and as a result what I hope to accomplish happened.Though, it didn’t look like “my original plan”, however, it seemed like God led me to a different route and I reached the same destination.  The three (3) pivotal lessons that I learned this week was beneficial.  All three reminded me where my source, power, and LOVE resides in, God.

For me, when I plug into Divine LOVE my vision is clearer.  I remember that anything I need is already provided for, because, God is ABUNDANT!  If you feel like your plans are off track, plug into the Divine LOVE to brings yourself into alignment. 

I’m grateful for the reminder that what I want or need doesn’t come from “external”(i.e job, social status, and etc.).  When you tap into the Divine LOVE you will realize that everything you need comes from within.  Therefore, tune out the noise of the world, and tune into God to allow the Divine LOVE flow through you.

LOVE Nugget
– Please feel free to come up with your own affirmations that suits you best.
– See the lesson in any delays or setbacks you maybe currently experiencing in your life.
– When you tune into God’s LOVE/ Divine LOVE you are on the right track, regardless of what your outer circumstances is telling you.

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Day 18 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “True LOVE Is Possible For Me!”

True LOVE Is Possible!  What immediately comes to mind when you read this phrase? I’ll give you a moment to think about it…  I observe the mixed responses that I get from people when I introduce this phrase.  As a LOVE coach, most often I run into those who are skeptical about “True LOVE”. Then you have those who are HOPEFUL romantics like myself that believe it is possible; and there are those in the middle that believe it is possible for other people,but, not for themselves.  Which category do you think you fall under?

I must confess that I recently binged on Rumi’s LOVE quotes and poems.  Which inspired me to write this LOVE affirmation. If you consider yourself to be a skeptic about “true LOVE”, read a few of Rumi’s LOVE quotes and/or poems.  Then let me know if it shifted your perception in any way, I’m curious to hear your feedback. Anyhow, enough about Rumi (got sidetracked)…

As a hopeful romantic and a LOVE coach. I know that True LOVE Is Possible.  Not only for myself, but, for you as well.  You have to believe it first, hold that inner vision, utilize creative visualizations, and positive affirmations to create this mental shift.  Repeat after me ” True LOVE Is Possible For Me!”… and so it is…

LOVE Nuggets
Here’s a quote from Rumi ( sorry I couldn’t help myself 🙂 )

“Love is an open secret, the most obvious thing in the world and most hidden, with no why to how it keeps its mystery.” ~ Rumi

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Day 13 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “ This Is A Wonderful Day For LOVE and Prosperity!”


I left the house early around 6 a.m. for a morning run.  My running schedule is not very consistent.  However, I’m getting back on track and I seem to prefer mornings.
Most times I run the same route and distance.  I usually finish at the end of beach.  My inner voice encouraged me to continue. It’s a small incline that overlooks the ocean. I’ve always wanted to do it, but, I end my run at the beach.  So I did challenge myself to go the extra distance from what I was accustomed to.  I felt a bit elated inside and saw the ocean from a different angle that I never seen before.  I felt good! 🙂

Then I walked towards the beach area and sat on a rock near the water.  I was reflecting on my run and ways how to enhance my LOVE coaching business.  As I was in deep thought, I saw a lady walking in my direction.  I had a feeling that she was coming over to speak with me.  The conversation started out as a brief exchange of “good morning” that led to discussions on LOVE,relationships, and potential business opportunities…

When I woke up this morning, my intention was to run and get more insights how to move forward in my LOVE coaching business.  It turned out that I got more than I expected from my morning run. The day was still early and received insights, so now I am expecting more good, more miracles, and more insights to continue to pour in today.  This is my hope for you as well.

Love Nuggets
*Push yourself beyond the self-imposed limits that you have set for yourself.
*Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.

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How Can The Ache Of Loneliness Lead You To Love?


 You may be wondering, how can an emotion that feels so unpleasant lead me to love?  Regardless of your marital status, whether you are married, divorced, single parent, widowed, coupled, or single.  Most of us have experienced loneliness in one form or another or currently experiencing it.  I want to give special attention to the single men and women reading this and those who coupled are welcomed to read on.  If you are a single person, you may have entertained the idea that entering a relationship maybe the “cure” to your loneliness. Or the ache can show up when you are surrounded by others couples; question from loved ones “why are you still single?”; or “when are you going to get ‘out there’ and start dating, again?”, or your self-limited mind chatter can be holding you hostage.  In addition, some married couples and those in long-term relationships can experience loneliness as well.  It’s possible that loneliness can exist within a romantic relationship.  How is that possible? You may be wondering.

Loneliness is not necessarily base on external factors; it’s an internal emotional response that signals us to look at something a bit closer.  Just like physical discomfort, it’s an indicator that something is requiring our attention to explore what is causing us pain or discomfort.  Sometimes, based on the severity of a physical discomfort we may choose to ignore it or go see a doctor/specialist to further examine the possible root cause of that discomfort.  Unfortunately, it’s not the same when we are dealing with our emotions.  Most of the times we have the tendency to suppress certain emotions, because, it feels so uncomfortable and very yucky (yes, I said yucky).  Instead, we may distract ourselves with other things to gain temporary relief.  But, then loneliness will begin to rear its ugly little head again.  Then we repeat the same cycle of feeling the uncomfortable emotions, suppressing the emotions, and seek temporary relief. What if that ache is pointing you to something that you have been ignoring that can lead you to the clues of the love that you truly desire?

As a single woman I know and understand the feelings/desires of wanting to be in a true meaningful romantic relationship.  Also, I could have been in a relationship already, but, I know what it means not to settle. There was a time when I thought I was destined to be single.  I don’t mean to come across as being single is a life sentence, lol.  But, that was becoming my mind-set at that particular time; and the possibility of remaining single seemed to be in my favor. At that time, I couldn’t see the possibility of being in a romantic relationship that I truly desired or the other option would be to settle in an unhappy relationship.  There were times, when the stings of loneliness felt heavier than others.

Thankfully, the more I grew in self-love those aches began to lessen.  The desire to be in a true meaningful romantic relationships seemed very possible, and, the anxiety around it faded away.  Also, the amazing side effects of self-love gave me a different perspective of love, relationships, and realize the infinite possibilities of my overall life.  Currently, I’m in a place in my life that I’m grateful for those aches of loneliness, because, it led me to a deeper self-discovery of myself and on the path of self-love.  If I had continued to ignore those aches, which, are signs that try to get our attention.  My life would probably sound like replays of sad sappy old love songs.  The aches of loneliness requires you [us] to take a deeper look at yourself and its asking you [us] to get real, raw, and honest about what we truly want and desire in your [our] life to see favorable results.

My challenge(s) for you, the next time when the ache of loneliness shows up in your life, do not shy away from it.

– What is that ache showing you or pointing to?

– What if that ache is helping you uncover the true beauty that already resides within you?

– When you go towards the ache, it begins to lose its power it has over your life.

Sometimes those aches can be used against you by keeping you in your comfort zone.  Because, you are always avoiding and not facing it.  The more you continue to bury yours emotions, the harder it can be to see new possibilities. Going towards the ache, is stepping out of your comfort zone that can lead you closer to the experience (s) that you desire.  I must admit that it takes a lot of courage to face the things that makes us uncomfortable, but, that is the only way to truly overcome fears. It is beautiful gift that is wrapped up in a hideous wrapping paper (I know, weird analogy).  Instead of treating your ache of loneliness as your arch-enemy, it can become your best ally in LOVE!

If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone to explore something new.  Please don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary love assessment (30 mins) with me.