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30 Days Of Love Affirmations™ 


For those who are not familiar with using affirmations on a consistent basis, this 30 Day exercise is a great introduction.

Key Reminders

  • “An affirmation is a strong, positive statement that something is already so.  It is a way of ‘making firm’ that which you are imaging.”    ~ Shakti Gawain (Book: Creative Visualizations)
  • State affirmations in the present tense  (not in the past or future tense).  For example, you want to use words such as “I am”, “here and now”, and etc.  ” I am a lovable person”, or ” I am creating a loving environment in my home, here and now.”  I hope these examples are helpful.
  • Saying affirmations is NOT  solely repeating the same words over and over, again.  You also have to step into the FEELING of what you are speaking.  FEELING is a vital element to this process.
  • Say your affirmations within the first 10-15 minutes when you wake up, because, your subconscious/ unconscious mind is most receptive of your mental state.  Also, the same will apply when you are ready to go asleep.
  • If possible, say your affirmations in front of a mirror.  Yes, it sounds silly and you may feel silly while doing it.  I have found saying it in front of a mirror has a profound affect how I see myself.  
  • You can say your affirmations anytime and anywhere.  Whether you say them aloud, silently, or in your mind it doesn’t matter.   As long as you are doing it.

Benefits of Affirmations

  • It is a great tool to help transform your self-limited beliefs you may have, and expand the possibilities of the life you desire.
  • It’s a great emotional “pick-me-up”, when you need self-encouragement.
  • If you do this in a consistent basis, you can begin to see a SHIFT in your thinking, attitude, and the way you see yourself.
Romance On the Web Posts

How To Handle A Break Up. .. (A Blessing In Disguise?)

break up

What if that break up you experienced, was a blessing in disguise?  In the midst of that separation, you may have felt confused, hurt, and probably held a hopeless outlook of your LOVE life.  Especially, if you felt like you invested a lot of time and energy into that relationship. Whether or not you were blindsided, foresaw, or initiated the break up; it’s not an easy emotional adjustment.  While you are going through the emotional roller-coaster, try not to beat yourself up of multiple reasons that lead to the ending of the relationship.  I know what I’m saying is “easier said than done”; but, hear me out.  What if you changed your personal story around those EMOTIONS that you are feeling.  You cannot change the outcome of the break up; however, you can CHANGE how you look at your situation.  Have I gotten your attention, yet?  If so, good!  If not, continue to read.create silver...

How many times are you rehearsing, replaying the same thoughts in your mind of what happened?  Are you silently torturing yourself with questions that are left unanswered; have you tried to rationalize the break up, if I would have done this different, maybe… (you fill in the blanks); or the ongoing inner dialogue of “should of, could of, would of”?  Or maybe you are attached to your personal story “I’m never going to find another person like him/her.”; and you may feel like your Love life is DOOMED!   Because, you believe (base on your personal story) that ONE person was the ONLY ONE that has the ability to LOVE you?  Well, I say that’s a bunch of B.S.!   B.S. meaning your Belief System, in regards to LOVE and relationships.  It safe to assume that a person with a belief system that doesn’t reflect a HOPEFUL outlook; it’s possible to develop a tinted view of LOVE and relationships.  If you can begin to change the story around your emotions maybe you can see a silver lining of this seemingly disappointment.

every cloud 

  • What if, the break up was an opportunity for you to get back in touch with yourself, to rediscover the real YOU?  It could be a personal “Time Out” (in a good way).
  • Maybe that door had to close, in order for new one to open.
  • It can be an opportunity to grow more in SELF-LOVE, to fall more in LOVE with yourself!

Instead of counting your loss, count your BLESSINGS!

heart lining

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