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This “Island Getaway” are for single superwomen who are “relationship ready” or seeking to reconnect with themselves through SELF-LOVE!  Are you a single superwoman who is in dire need to rest your cape, soul, mind, and body? Typically, you may tend to put EVERYONE else’s needs first, which, oftentimes YOU put yourself last. You probably experience burnouts or borderline, which, the feeling of stress can impact your LOVE and life. Being a single superwoman is not an easy job and can leave little or no room/time to cultivate a potential LOVE relationship or a simply “me time”. Due to being overworked/ overcommitted to your career this can be challenging to create a harmonious space with your career, personal life and LOVE.  I invite to spend 3 days with me in paradise to experience your LOVE BREAKTHROUGH in 2017!

 ✨Relax: When was the last time you TRULY RELAXED? When you learn how to RELAX, it can give you a peace of mind, stability (emotional, mental, and etc.), and it invites more opportunities to practice SELF-CARE. SELF-CARE is an act of SELF-LOVE… it’s time to unwind!

Release: Currently, what is holding you back from RECEIVING or GIVING Love freely? Until you face the truth (it time to get REAL with yourself),then it will set you FREE!

Renew: Once you RELEASE what no longer serves you, the aches of loneliness will begin to fade away. Learn how to consciously CREATE the LOVE & life you want to experience. It’s time to RECONNECT with yourself on a DEEPER level to have a renewed sense of self, self-confidence, inner peace and SELF-LOVE!

If this resonates with you and READY to RELAX, RELEASE, and experience a RENEWAL… Then I invite to Jamaica 🇯🇲

✨Connect with me if interested or want more details: ✨👉🏾Check out Bennmaya Villa: at

Romance On the Web Posts

V.I.P Day (Atlanta) : True Love Is Possible 

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~Rumi

This V.I.P day is only open to five (5) women who are READY to learn, grow, and take actions in their LOVE lives. During this one-day luxury experience, you’ll learn how ENHANCE your LOVE life through SELF-LOVE. I’ll walk you through my four (4) self-love process that will teach you how to CREATE and Receive the LOVE you desire. It would be a full day of teaching, coaching, activities, and FUN! I look forward to meeting you in person in Atlanta!

This V.I.P day is for you if you say YES to one or more of the following

✨Ready to do something different to see different results

✨Willing to do some deep inner work that will help you move out of your comfort zone to LEAP into LOVE! 

✨If you consider yourself as someone who is well educated, successful, yet, single… and can’t figure out why? 

✨You’re tired of the aches of loneliness keeping up at night or cry yourself to sleep

✨You are READY to stop making poor choices in LOVE that keeps you from experience TRUE LOVE  

✨You feel like giving up or have given up on LOVE!  
I believe working with me can help you keep going when you want to quit. You don’t have to be alone on your LOVE journey. Connect with me If you are interested and would like more information about my V.I.P coaching program.  
You can contact me at to schedule a call or  Or click here to schedule a call. I look forward to us working together!
                               ✨Remember that TRUE LOVE IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU✨

P.S. Click here for bit more detail
Much Love,

Romance On the Web Posts

Preview Call (How The Aches Of Loneliness…)

Each and every one of us has experienced loneliness in one form or another.  It is a silent suffering that one endures that produces a heavy heart.  Especially, in the area of LOVE the aches can seem unbearable at times.  Thankfully, loneliness is a momentarily experience that brings awareness of where are unfulfilled.  With this type of self- awareness, you and I can be EMPOWERED to make positve changes in our lives.  

Please join me on my upcoming preview call, ” How The Aches Of Loneliness Can Lead You To LOVE”.  Click here to sign up for the call.  I look forward to seeing you!


Romance On the Web Posts

How Can The Ache Of Loneliness Lead You To Love?


 You may be wondering, how can an emotion that feels so unpleasant lead me to love?  Regardless of your marital status, whether you are married, divorced, single parent, widowed, coupled, or single.  Most of us have experienced loneliness in one form or another or currently experiencing it.  I want to give special attention to the single men and women reading this and those who coupled are welcomed to read on.  If you are a single person, you may have entertained the idea that entering a relationship maybe the “cure” to your loneliness. Or the ache can show up when you are surrounded by others couples; question from loved ones “why are you still single?”; or “when are you going to get ‘out there’ and start dating, again?”, or your self-limited mind chatter can be holding you hostage.  In addition, some married couples and those in long-term relationships can experience loneliness as well.  It’s possible that loneliness can exist within a romantic relationship.  How is that possible? You may be wondering.

Loneliness is not necessarily base on external factors; it’s an internal emotional response that signals us to look at something a bit closer.  Just like physical discomfort, it’s an indicator that something is requiring our attention to explore what is causing us pain or discomfort.  Sometimes, based on the severity of a physical discomfort we may choose to ignore it or go see a doctor/specialist to further examine the possible root cause of that discomfort.  Unfortunately, it’s not the same when we are dealing with our emotions.  Most of the times we have the tendency to suppress certain emotions, because, it feels so uncomfortable and very yucky (yes, I said yucky).  Instead, we may distract ourselves with other things to gain temporary relief.  But, then loneliness will begin to rear its ugly little head again.  Then we repeat the same cycle of feeling the uncomfortable emotions, suppressing the emotions, and seek temporary relief. What if that ache is pointing you to something that you have been ignoring that can lead you to the clues of the love that you truly desire?

As a single woman I know and understand the feelings/desires of wanting to be in a true meaningful romantic relationship.  Also, I could have been in a relationship already, but, I know what it means not to settle. There was a time when I thought I was destined to be single.  I don’t mean to come across as being single is a life sentence, lol.  But, that was becoming my mind-set at that particular time; and the possibility of remaining single seemed to be in my favor. At that time, I couldn’t see the possibility of being in a romantic relationship that I truly desired or the other option would be to settle in an unhappy relationship.  There were times, when the stings of loneliness felt heavier than others.

Thankfully, the more I grew in self-love those aches began to lessen.  The desire to be in a true meaningful romantic relationships seemed very possible, and, the anxiety around it faded away.  Also, the amazing side effects of self-love gave me a different perspective of love, relationships, and realize the infinite possibilities of my overall life.  Currently, I’m in a place in my life that I’m grateful for those aches of loneliness, because, it led me to a deeper self-discovery of myself and on the path of self-love.  If I had continued to ignore those aches, which, are signs that try to get our attention.  My life would probably sound like replays of sad sappy old love songs.  The aches of loneliness requires you [us] to take a deeper look at yourself and its asking you [us] to get real, raw, and honest about what we truly want and desire in your [our] life to see favorable results.

My challenge(s) for you, the next time when the ache of loneliness shows up in your life, do not shy away from it.

– What is that ache showing you or pointing to?

– What if that ache is helping you uncover the true beauty that already resides within you?

– When you go towards the ache, it begins to lose its power it has over your life.

Sometimes those aches can be used against you by keeping you in your comfort zone.  Because, you are always avoiding and not facing it.  The more you continue to bury yours emotions, the harder it can be to see new possibilities. Going towards the ache, is stepping out of your comfort zone that can lead you closer to the experience (s) that you desire.  I must admit that it takes a lot of courage to face the things that makes us uncomfortable, but, that is the only way to truly overcome fears. It is beautiful gift that is wrapped up in a hideous wrapping paper (I know, weird analogy).  Instead of treating your ache of loneliness as your arch-enemy, it can become your best ally in LOVE!

If you are ready to get out of your comfort zone to explore something new.  Please don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary love assessment (30 mins) with me.


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inimation pov

Whether you are single or newly single, the holidays can sometime trigger stress rather than celebrating a joyous occasion. Even if you are not single, the holidays can be a stressful time.  Sometimes the holiday season or being around certain family members can seem dreadful to attend family gatherings; or the ache of not being able to visit your loved ones during this time can trigger certain emotions.  The holidays can bring on additional stress if you are someone who already struggles with loneliness.

Initially, when you hear or glance at the word loneliness, the immediate thought or image can be of someone who is single, don’t have someone to share their life with, and etc…   However, that is not true.  Loneliness is not based on someone’s marital or social status; rather it is an emotional state of feeling a sense of lack, void, or emptiness.  Being Alone or Aloneness seems more action oriented rather than a feelingAloneness and loneliness are not interchangeable.  There’s quite a distinction between loneliness and aloneness.

Loneliness vs. Aloneness

  • Regardless of someone’s marital or social status, loneliness can be present in that person’s life.  For example, someone can be happily single (being alone) vs. someone who is married and have a great career and they can experience loneliness.
  • A person can feel lonely, even if they are surrounded by groups of people.
  • Someone can enjoy being alone and embrace the solitude space.

These are just a few examples. As you can see, loneliness seems more of an internal/emotional state.  It can be a feeling of internal isolation/emptiness that gnaws or nag at a person’s soul or inner being.

Being alone can be seen as external or action oriented that is necessarily not rooted in feelings or emotions. Being alone can provide great beneficial opportunities to connect/reconnect with yourself.  Through solitude activities, such as prayer, mediation, quiet relaxation, reading a book, writing, and etc. Time alone can help you recharge physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is possible to be alone without feeling lonely; and it is possible to feel lonely with without being alone.   Which one will you choose?

Suggestions/Recommendations to Overcome Loneliness

   1. Connect With Family & Friends

  • Spend time with family and friends and make an effort to engage in conversations when you around them.  Try not to remain isolated or distant to the people around you.
  • If you don’t have any plans for the holiday season; call or reach out to a friend or family member.
  • If possible, volunteer your time in local community  with civic organizations or group.  Giving back can lift up your spirit.
  • You can invite a friend (s) over and enjoy each other company.
  • Bring or make a dish to a holiday gathering and share your contribution with everyone.
  • What are some other ways can you connect or reconnect with yourself and others?

2. Don’t  Be Down On Yourself

  • If you are around family and friends during the holiday at a family gathering.  Especially, if you are a single individual and you see other couples around you; and feelings of loneliness begins to creep in your mind, because, you don’t have someone to share the holidays with.  Instead of getting in negative self-talk mode or comparison; look for the positive traits you admire in that couple and hold that vision for yourself.  Don’t think less of yourself, because, you are not in a romantic relationship at the moment.
  • Think of some of the benefits of being single at this time?

3. Gratitude

  • Think of the things that you are grateful/thankful for … what are you grateful for in this moment?  (go ahead, think of one thing you are grateful for, right now).

4. Reframe Your Thoughts

  • When you notice a negative/self-defeating thought; change it to a positive.
  • Read a funny book or watch a funny movie to shift you out of negative state of mind.  “Laughter is the best medicine”.

5. Positive Affirmations

    • “Affection is mutually created and mutually received”
    • “I love and appreciate myself”
    • “I am surrounded by love and all is well”
    • “Today, I open my mind, my heart, my being to receive the flow of divine love.”
    • “I am an expression of all that is love”
    • Create your own affirmations.
    • “I am love being loved”
    • “I release all thoughts, doubts and fears that is not possible”
    • “I radiate love and happiness”
    • “I am positively connected and harmonious with the family of life”
    • “I have great conversations with other people”

Hopefully, you found this information helpful.  It is my hope that this awareness will decrease eliminate loneliness and increase self-love.  Enjoy the upcoming holidays!