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Liminal Space: Are You Experiencing Living In The In-Between?

Liminal Space: Are You Experiencing Living In The In Between?

The term “limen” comes from the Latin for threshold, it is literally the threshold separating one space from another. According to Merriam-Webster, it is defined as, relating to, or being an intermediate state, phase, or condition.

Other Helpful Definitions

  • Relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.
  • Psychological Terminology– Being in the liminal space means you’re in between life phases.

Right now, you may be experiencing a minor or major life transition. You may feel like you are on the threshold of your new beginning, yet, feel like you’re in pending status. This life phase can be very frustrating and unsettling, especially when you are conscientious about what you want in life. You have been intentional in all of your efforts and taking necessary actions. Yet, the feeling of stagnation, with no movement happening and wanting to move forward. It seems like all of your hard work and efforts are in vain. Which indicates you are currently experiencing living in the in-between phase. You are in transit, a literal transition, leaving the old person and transforming into the NEW person you are becoming or leaving an old place and entering a NEW place. Overall you are embarking on a NEW life journey. 

Your liminal space is preparation for your NEW, during this chrysalis phase. Unbeknownst to you, during this phase, you are undergoing a series of changes, and developments in this seemingly motionless state.  Maybe, you have overlooked an important step, which could have been the missing piece(s) to move you forward, or this life phase is a growth opportunity to increase your faith muscles. Or simply a learning lesson on how to live in the surrender. Sometimes, we want to rush the process and want things to happen on our timeline. When it doesn’t happen due to setbacks, obstacles or it’s simply not time. Instead of continuing to push ahead, slow down and be still to reflect on this in-between phase.  

During this time, it is important to be flexible and to be gracious with yourself. Remain optimistic about the forward movement that’s happening in your life. If you catch yourself getting impatient or restless, this is an opportunity to cultivate and practice inner peace. You are leaving the old and entering your NEW.  You will reach your destination and experience your desired outcomes. Your liminal space is a friendly reminder that you are on the cusp of a breakthrough. Get ready to step into your new beginnings and continue to TRUST THE PROCESS.

Food For Thought:

1) What are you learning about yourself during this phase of life?

2) What thoughts and/or feelings are you experiencing during this phase (being in a state of inertia)?

3) How can you reframe being in your liminal space and embrace the uncertainties in your life?

“He has made everything beautiful in its time…” Ecclesiastes 3:11

Stay tuned for part two (2) of this Liminal Space series…

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It’s My Anniversary!!

WOW! I can’t believe how time ⏰flies🛫…. it’s been 4 years living in paradise 🏝. When I arrived to Hawaii 4 years ago, I didn’t have a job waiting for or placate to live. All I packed were my suitcases, along with my FAITH & Big Dreams to start a new beginning. Who would have know that taking a QUANTUM LEAP OF FAITH lead me on the path of deep self-discovery. Along the way I stumbled across self-love that I got reacquainted with Shana…

Ever since that time to the present I’m continuing to learn about myself, excavated (and continuing)buried treasures 🎁💎 that I repressed, operating from a more EMPOWERED 💪🏾 place, and continuing the process of BEcoming. I’ve met and continuing to connect with beautiful souls, which, I’m usually greeting with ALOHA! I’m grateful for the wonderful relationships, opportunities, love, and faith that continues to create this beauty tapestry called LIFE!

I’m grateful for ALL my family and friends on the mainland that supported me with my move, though bittersweet at the time. Though we don’t get to visit each other often in person, each of you hold a special place in my heart and know that I love you.

Life is beautiful and sacred, which, I cherish each moment, live in gratitude, and strive to walk in unconditional love. These are few of my reflective thoughts and thank you reading….

To those of you reading this… DON’T GIVE UP on your DREAMS….continue to BELIEVE in yourself… tap into your GREATNESS that resides within you (you ALREADY have everything in to SUCCEED… REMEMBER YOU ARE LOVABLE✨

Happy Anniversary to Me💗✨🙏🏾🎉🎁


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A Closed Door Can Lead YOU To An OPEN Door!

When you allow one door (or doors) to close, another one (A BETTER ONE) will open. However, you the current door 🚪 has to be CLOSED (not slightly cracked) COMPLETELY. Before, a NEW DOOR open. I know it can be hard, however, your NEW BEGINNING awaits you. Take a DEEP BREATH 🌬 and ALLOW the NEW to enter your life! 

 Connect with me for a FREE Love Assessment: shana@shanalovecoaching.com 

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Are You Overcompensating?

When you believe that you are lacking in some area in your life, you have the propensity to overcompensate. Oftentimes, the feelings of inadequacy or a lack self-confidence are the culprits of making you feel that you are not enough. As a result, you may not feel competent of carrying out the work or mission that you are EQUIPPED to do. You may “over do it” to prove that you are worthy, great, or “I am enough”. I am here to REMIND YOU that are ALREADY ENOUGH, better yet, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! You don’t need to bend over backwards on a consistent basis to prove your WORTH to people, especially, if they don’t honor or value you. It can be so DRAINING 😫(e.g. emotionally, mentally, and etc.) that can exacerbate burnout. You don’t need to rely on external validations to showcase your GREATNESS. You maybe tempted to over give, overwork, or over share to be accepted/loved to prove to someone else that you are worthy to be LOVED. This relates to ALL spectrums of relationships (i.e. family, work, business, friends, and etc.). Please don’t confuse or get it twisted that I don’t value or encourage you to put your best efforts. I’m more concerned about the INTENTION/MOTIVATION behind the ACTION that you are displaying. Under what guise are you operating from🤔? Is it from a place of FEAR 😁or LOVE😍? Think about your INTENTIONS behind your ACTIONS to assess your self-worth. 

Know that you enough, even if you feel like you should “do” more to fully accept yourself. Cut yourself some slack and stop 🚫being hard on yourself ( beating up yourself) of having to be “perfect”🙄. It’s about PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION! It’s time to learn how to L💖VE and accept yourself as is. Then you can release any self-judgement to move freely and allow change to take place in your life with little or no resistance. Remember to TRUST THE PROCESS of the changes or desired outcomes you want to experience. Just BE, YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH!