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💕Shana’s LOVE Lab! 🔬💕… (New Show on BLAB)

Aloha Beautiful People!I’m finally putting on my big girl panties🙊😂! I’m excited to announce my new show on BLAB called “Shana’s LOVE Lab” 🔬💕. My new show on BLAB is a great opportunity to look under the microscope to examine topics regarding SELF LOVE. I’ll showcase guests who are spreading the message of LOVE, promoting healthy relationships, and elevating consciousness. Which contributes to increasing the quality of life and LOVE! My first guest to kick off my show is Candace Thoth! She is my good friend/colleague and I want to introduce her beautiful heart & gifts to the world! Here’s a brief bio of her: Candace Thoth is the founder and CEO of Return to Aloha. She is also a Self-Love Ambassador and the Hawaii State Coordinator of the Love Foundation. Candace’s mission is to inspire people to create the life of their dreams through self-love and authenticity. As a coach and teacher, she helps individuals cultivate healthy relationships with themselves, live authentically, and rediscover their brilliance. Recently, Candace was a part of the movement that helped Global Love Day receive official recognition in Hawai’i, and she was featured on June Dillinger’s television show “It’s All About Love.” In her spare time, she is a nature and landscape photographer. To learn more about Candace please visit her website: & IG: @returntoaloha Show airs on August 12, 2016

Time: 2pm (HST)/5pm (PST)/8pm(EST)

Where: @ShanaLOVECoach on BLAB

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Radical Self-Love (Online Class)

Aloha Beautiful People! 
As many of you may know that LOVE is my mission. I’ve been re-thinking how can I share the message of Self-Love more efficiently. Aside from private coaching, I’m exploring additional avenues in order for people to have access to improve the quality of their LOVE!

I’ll be co-hosting an online class on “Radical Self-Love” with Candace Thoth ( friend/colleague ). Every one of us can ALWAYS use a little Self-Love in our lives. Click here for more details and I hope to see you in class! 


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A SHIFT Is Happening…

Aloha Friends!

I hope that all is well with you. I have some exciting news to share!

On July 1st my book Shift made the BEST SELLING list! This collaborative book “SHIFT” with Nikki Woods (Senior Producer of the Tom Joyner morning show) along with other amazing women sharing their stories of Strength, Courage, and Succeeding against the odds. Since the book has launched, I’ve experienced another Shift. I would like to invite YOU to the Shift Tele-summit (July 13-17) 2pm (EST)/ 1pm (CST)/ 11am (PST). My scheduled interview is this FRIDAY (17th). If you can’t make the live calls, the replays will be sent to your email. The interviews has been amazing and this would be a great opportunity to learn about each of the authors more in depth.  Join call at

If you haven’t already, you can grab your autographed copy of the BEST SELLING book SHIFT here: . I look forward to send your autographed copy and be ready to be inspired to make a Shift in your life! ** please make sure that the purchase is made using the direct link (above) to recieve your copy from me.**

Shift Celebration Promo(Limited Time)
In the spirit of celebration, for a limited time only I’m offering %50 off my coaching services.  Currently, I offer three (3) coaching services and this offer ends Midnight on July 22nd.

1) LOVE Breakthrough Session: This is 90 min. call to gain more clarity regarding your love life. This is a one time LOVE investment (click here) of $49!
2) “30 Days To Accelerate Your LOVE” coaching package. Sign up for your FREE Love Assessment

3) “An Invitation To LOVE” (3 months of coaching). Serious inquiry only, if interested please contact me at

Thank you for your continual SUPPORT!

imageIf you live in the Dallas area or will be there this weekend. I invite you to come CELEBRATE with me, Nikki Woods​, and the rest of the AMAZING co-authors to PARTY!!! Come meet and greet, mix & mingle with us, and get your #Shift on,lol! I hope to see you in Dallas this weekend!

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Day 28 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “ The LOVE That I Have For Myself And Others Is Constantly Increasing”

As I continue to grow more and more in Self-LOVE, the LOVE I have for other people increases as well.  What do I mean? When I keep my LOVE tank filled, I’m able to give and serve others without compromising my boundaries.  My capacity to give and receive LOVE increases when I operate from a place of wholeness.

When you LOVE yourself, the way you relate to others comes from a wholehearted place.  If your capacity to LOVE yourself is small, it can become your point of reference of how you perceive people.  The way how you see yourself can determine your overall outlook on life.  Self-LOVE is the foundation of every relationship, which first begins with a relationship with yourself.

LOVE Nuggets
– What is ONE act of Self-LOVE that you can you can do today? For example, establishing or reinforcing healthy boundaries.

-When was the last time you checked your LOVE tank? Is it full or empty?

Self-LOVE is not selfish, making yourself a priority is beneficial for the people in your life.

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Day 24 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation:“I Honor Myself by Speaking the TRUTH with LOVE”

Have you ever dreaded a conversation that was necessary? However, not all conversations carries the tone of “being the bearer of bad news”.  This also pertains sharing exciting information or news (e.g. saying “I love you” to someone). Whether you want to share something that is exciting or uncomfortable, a bit of hesitation can be present when delivering your TRUTH.
In my experience, the challenges that I often encounter are more about HOW should I deliver my TRUTH, rather than expressing WHAT is my TRUTH.

Regardless if you have a challenging time telling your TRUTH (suppressing how you really feel); how to deliver the TRUTH (being tactful, without sugar coating); or receiving the TRUTH ( being in denial)

As cliché as it sounds, the TRUTH really does set you free.  Not carrying around an emotional burden can be released by being truthful.  I usually share with people, you have to be honest with yourself first, before you can be honest with someone else.  At the end of the day, the TRUTH circles back to you.

What do you want? What do want in life? What do you what for yourself?  what do you want in a relationship?
Oftentimes, people have a hard time being truthful with themselves, yet, which makes it more difficult to become vulnerable with someone.  In order to grow in this area, the TRUTH begins with you

LOVE Nuggets
–  As long as you are sharing or expressing your TRUTH from a place of LOVE…that’s all you need.

– Telling or hearing the TRUTH can be painful in the moment, yet, it’s better than an lie.
– Embrace your authentic self it’s a way to honoring your truth. 

– Telling the TRUTH can liberating, which can teach you to let go of fear, judgement, or rejection from others and yourself.

– Remember to let your TRUTH be accompanied with LOVE in every situation.

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Day 20 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” I have a lot of LOVE to give and it is well received!”

Lately, I been thinking about social CONNECTION among people.  I’m not talking about social media, but, true human CONNECTION.  Don’t get me wrong, social media is an excellent tool that can help people stay connected and I’m grateful to utilize those tools.  However, those tool can oftentimes be misused or overused,which can potentially become a substitute or create limited interactions (face-to-face) with each other if we become overly dependent.  Connecting via in person, phone, or letter carries a personal touch that warms the heart.  Hopefully, these types of connecting would NOT become a lost art.

It can be quite intimidating in a romantic relationship dynamic. This is an area where most people tend to self-sabotage. Due to high vulnerability of allowing yourself to be fully seen by another.  Many people say “I want LOVE”, yet, afraid of giving or receiving it.  

You maybe afraid to open up; fear of rejection holds you back;  you don’t initiate first, because, you are waiting for someone to make the first move. If you have a LOVE interest or dating, you may begin to wonder, “Do they like me?”, “I don’t want to get hurt, again”, or insecurities from past relationships may crop up, and etc. This can feel like a vicious emotional cycles.

Those negative self-talk/thoughts usually keep you in your comfort zone, which, prevents you to explore the limitless POSSIBILITIES that life and LOVE has to offer.

LOVE Nuggets
– I am here to remind you that you are LOVE!

– When you operate from a place of LOVE, you give and receive LOVE more freely.

– Tell someone that you LOVE them.  Expressing those words can uplift a person.

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NEW VIDEO: How To Know If You Are Ready For LOVE


 Click here this link to sign up for your Free Love Assessment.  I have 10 spots available this week, don’t miss your opportunity.  I look forward to speaking with you. 

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Day 11 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmations: My Heart is Open and I Am Ready to LOVE, Again”

Recently, I have decided that I am ready to start dating, again.  I renewed my subcription to an online dating service.  I’m starting this LOVE journey with a light hearted approach and to have FUN during this process.  I am very excited and open to the POSSIBILITIES of LOVE!

Couple’s Affirmation: ” I LAUGH with my _________________(e.g. husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, and etc.) more and more each day”

Creating more laughter is healthy for your relationship.  Laughter can lighten up a hard situation; it can be a great icebreaker to any silence or a minor rough patch that you may encounter.  It is a great “tool” to jumpstart communication to come to LOVING resolution.  Laughter is a gift and a great way to enhance any relationship. 


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Day 8 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” I Am Worthy of LOVE and I Clearly See Myself With The Person Of My Dreams”

Before I became a Certified Creative Love® Coach I was not aware (unconscious) that I had a mindset that I was not worthy or deserving of LOVE.  It was hard for me to believe that this thought was playing in the background of my life. Fortunately, I became of aware this blindspot with the help of my LOVE coach that led my on the path of SELF-LOVE.  

I now see that I am worthy and deserving of the LOVE I want to see in my life.  I constantly visualize the LOVE I desire and see myself in a romantic relationship.  Not only do I see it, I feel how real it is as well.  I believe that this LOVE is POSSIBLE for me.  Also, I believe that this LOVE is POSSIBLE for YOU!

Couple’s LOVE Affirmation: “My Relationship Is Filled With LOVE, Honesty, Pleasure, and Wholeness.”


Every romantic relationship can use use a little spice in thier LOVE life from time-to-time.  There is nothing wrong of finding ways to enhance your LOVE life, regardless if your relationship status whether it is new or seasoned veterans.  Saying this affirmation or create your own version can take your LOVE life to the next level.  

LOVE Nuggets

  • Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.
  • Remember that there is more to repetition, getting in the FEELING is a very key ingredient.  
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Day 5 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” I Am Surrounded by people who LOVE me and accept me for who I am.”


I’m very grateful that I have people in my life who genuine LOVE and care about me.  I don’t take this for granted or at least try not to.  In moments of self-doubt or when we are you are throwing a “pity party” , it’s great to have a supportive individuals in have good people in our lives.  When you are surrounded by loving,positive, supportive is a constant reminder that you that you are LOVED.
Ask yourself, the company that you keep is it reflecting the true person that you are or becoming?

Regardless the of your answer, saying this affirmation can improve or maintain the state of your personal supportive circle.