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Don’t Give Up On LOVE!

Most single adults that I have spoken with, seems to be on the brink of losing hope of experiencing a sustainable LOVING relationship. Many are tired of going on endless dates that leads to a dead end, because, it seems like the other person is only interested in “hooking up”. Some are still recovering from a major break up or divorce and still processing their pain. Few of the single parents are ready to explore the possibilities of entering a new LOVE relationship, yet, they feel somewhat immobilized (oftentimes their ex is still in the picture). These are the few common scenarios that I encounter in conversations with these individuals. They hesitate to move forward in LOVE, because, they are afraid of the same outcome – nowhere.   

I understand how emotionally exhausting it can be if you are someone who has been single for a long time, and tired of getting on the dating merry-go-rounds ( not so merry); or those in a committed relationship the LOVE may seems a bit lackluster. The LOVE or happiness that you truly desire should not be contingent on someone else. When you learn to cultivate more SELF-LOVE and begin to live more authentically, your new mindset cannot accommodate your old mindset. You start to release old stories you believed about yourself that does not match the new person that you are becoming. Your new mindset will shift your perception on LOVE and relationships. 

Just when you were about to give up on LOVE, which, meant you were ready to give up on yourself. The feeling of emotional exhausted is trying to get your attention to look within and stop looking outward for LOVE to feel fulfilled. That emotional unrest is your inner self reaching out to you to go deeper and face your resistance to LOVE. This can feel very uncomfortable, however, this is preparation for a breakthrough where miracles happens. Breakthrough from old love/relationship patterns, self-limited beliefs, or poor boundaries that usually results in self-sabotaging behaviors that keeps you in your comfort zone. Rid the internal barriers by learning to LOVE and accept yourself, which, give yourself permission to be receptive to a romantic LOVE partner that awaits you (or renew the LOVE in an existing relationship).

It’s time to stop waiting for LOVE to arrive and start living your life and thrive. When you begin living your life you’ll notice that you are always surrounded by LOVE. While you maybe waiting on LOVE, LOVE is waiting on you to start LOVING yourself and stop putting your life on hold. Don’t give up on LOVE, because, you can create the greatest LOVE story that begins with YOU!  

Heart Reflections

1) What does giving up on LOVE look like to you? (e.g. a person, relationship, or yourself) 
2) What are some of your personal LOVE expectations that are unfulfilled that maybe contributing to the feeling of unsatisfactory in your current LOVE life? 

3) When you feel emotionally exhausted, what emotions are triggered? Pay attention to what you currently feeling or happening when you feel emotionally exhausted (e.g. certain thoughts, situation, person, or etc.). Self-awareness is key to help you move forward.  

If you feel like your LOVE life needs a BOOST. I would like to connect with you to help give you a JUMPSTART in your LOVE life. Click here to learn more. Remember that True LOVE Is Possible!

Romance On the Web Posts

Do You Give Yourself Permission To Live?

    What would your life look like if you gave yourself permission to do what you truly desire?

    Lately, the notion of self-permission has been emerging from my mind.  Whether in my personal life, business, family members, or mere observation of other people.
    This is a theme that I keep encountering.

    The main thing that keep coming up for me is that I am NOT stuck!  On occasion, I can have the illusion of feeling “stuck”.  However, I’m discovering that I’m holding myself back in some area.  Which I’m not giving myself permission to do or say the things that I truly desire.  It can be due to fear (rejection), doubt (second guessing), or low confidence (being vulnerable).  Or waiting for an external validation (e.g. family, friends, colleagues, or etc.) for permission to take that next step.   

     I noticed that I was the one that was holding myself up.  It was not other people (most cases), because, I still have the power of CHOICE.  Am I going to stay in this situation or leave?  Am I going to speak my truth or remain silent?  What I am learning is that anyone can get UNSTUCK!  When you make a decision to give yourself permission to begin living your life.

    Oftentimes, we are conditioned  to live up to certain expectations from our society,family, culture or any external factors that are heavy influences in our lives.  I know that self-permission is liberating (sense of freedom) and it’s part of self-discovery.  You’ll begin to recognize certain gifts,talents, or interests that you enjoy that you rarely noticed before. You can begin to fall in love (or more in love) with your life and make decisions from an empowered place. You’ll begin to notice that you manifest more desirable experience in your life,because, you are more aligned with your authentic self.   Your dreams, desires, and life are waiting on YOU to say YES

    Heart Reflections

    1) Where are you holding yourself back in your life?

    2) How can you give yourself permission to start living more authentically?

    3) What can your life look like when you start giving yourself permission to BE YOU?

    Romance On the Web Posts

    Day 30 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

    Today’s Affirmation: ” God’s Abundant LOVE Keeps Expanding My Life In Every Good Way!”

    Wow! I can’t believe that I am at the end of my 30 days journey.  As the LOVE affirmation stated above. It has been my experience that I see my life expanding in “every good way”. God’s LOVE is ABUNDANT that will enrich your life if you acknowledge this as truth. If you experiencing or have experience expansion in any area of your life, it’s a reminder of God’s ABUNDANT LOVE being expressed through You. What I have learned from this experience is that doing affirmations correctly (getting into the feeling) and on a consistent basis will enhance your moment, day, and life. 

    Thank you for sharing this journey with me! I realized that it is fun to have company while you are implementing something new in my life. I’m not sure I would have been consistent with this 30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™I. This was a great way for accountability in order to develop a habit. It has been my pleasure to share these with you and I hope in some way that you found these LOVE affirmations beneficial.   

    LOVE Nuggets 

    – Even though the 30days… has completed, I encourage you to continue to implement positive affirmation in your life.

    Affirmations can create a mental shift from scarcity mindset to an abundance  mindset.

    – You have the ability to enhancing your life by changing the way you think, see, and tell yourself.

    Please feel free to your comments below about your 30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ Also, if you will like to learn more about my LOVE coaching services visit Or email:

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    Day 29 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

    Today’s Affirmation: ” When I Look In The Mirror, I LOVE What I See!”

    When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you LOVE what you see? What thoughts are running in your mind? Are they Positive or negative thoughts?

    It took me a while to allow myself to fully appreciate my body. There were some parts that I LOVED and others parts didn’t receive much LOVE from me. Why didn’t I embrace ALL of me? I believe that some of it was contributed to societal “standard of beauty”. On rare occasions I felt like I was less than BEAUTIFUL. Now, I’m in a place that accepts the WHOLE ME, not parts of myself.
    Remember that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, which is YOU!

    LOVE Nuggets
    – You have to see yourself as BEAUTIFUL
    , whether or not some else acknowledges your BEAUTY.
    – Look in the mirror for at
    least 5 minutes, allow yourself to be vulnerable with YOU.
    – When you look in the mirror, say something POSITIVE about yourself.

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    Day 28 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

    Today’s Affirmation: “ The LOVE That I Have For Myself And Others Is Constantly Increasing”

    As I continue to grow more and more in Self-LOVE, the LOVE I have for other people increases as well.  What do I mean? When I keep my LOVE tank filled, I’m able to give and serve others without compromising my boundaries.  My capacity to give and receive LOVE increases when I operate from a place of wholeness.

    When you LOVE yourself, the way you relate to others comes from a wholehearted place.  If your capacity to LOVE yourself is small, it can become your point of reference of how you perceive people.  The way how you see yourself can determine your overall outlook on life.  Self-LOVE is the foundation of every relationship, which first begins with a relationship with yourself.

    LOVE Nuggets
    – What is ONE act of Self-LOVE that you can you can do today? For example, establishing or reinforcing healthy boundaries.

    -When was the last time you checked your LOVE tank? Is it full or empty?

    Self-LOVE is not selfish, making yourself a priority is beneficial for the people in your life.

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    Day 27 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

    Today’s Affirmation: “ Each Day I Am Growing In Self-LOVE That’s Preparing For My Romantic Partner”

    Before, I became a Certified Creative Love® Coach I was a client. It was a new thing
    for me to work with a LOVE coach.  It really stretched my out of my comfort zone and led me on my path of  SelfLOVE.  Which evolved into Self-LOVE that shifted my perception of LOVE and relationships.  What I learned is that Self-LOVE is the foundation for every relationship.

    If you are a single man or woman and “waiting” for that special person to enter your life.  How are you preparing for that LOVE relationship you deeply desire? What is your personal outlook on LOVE and relationships? Are you hopeful of somewhat skeptical? 

    The more grow in Self-LOVE, you’ll notice that your authentic self gradually emerges.  That special person that will come into life will accept YOU for who you are, because, they will be a reflection of you.

    LOVE Nuggets
    – If you are seeking to be in a committed romantic relationship, seek within first.  Because, the LOVE you seek begins with YOU.
    – Interested in FREE LOVE Assessment (30 min consult) click here: (limited spots)
    – Be sure to nurture yourself in LOVE each day!