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What Does It Mean To LOVE Yoursef🤔? (Article Link👇🏾)

I read an AMAZING article that describes “what does it mean to love yourself…”. It’s a great reminder that self-love is a FOUNDATION for EVERY relationship. CLICK HERE to read the full article and please share your thoughts.

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Are You To Busy For LOVE? 

This is a 30 day challenge for the career driven/focused single men and women that are successful (in their own right). These individuals may consider themselves as well-educated, ambitious, and a “great catch”. However, at times they may get confused WHY they haven’t been caught. Some find dating emotionally exhausting, because, it seems like they cannot find anyone “on their level”. As much as you love your career or building your empire, it would be nice to share this experience with a special someone…

👉🏾Click Here👈🏾 for more details about this 30 day LOVE Journey

This LOVE accelerator begins on 11/1/16 and I hope to see you there.

Romance On the Web Posts

Happy Throwback Thursday…This is a THROWBACK!

During Valentine’s week, I was a guest on the Happy Black Woman podcast. I discussed “ How To Be Proactive In Your Love Life” and it was an AMAZING experience. Many of these women are professional,successful,ambitious women in their careers, yet, the same is not reflective in their personal love lives.   
A few days after this interview was aired, I was notified that my interview was featured in a news article from the Bahamas (The Tribune). I was not EXPECTING THAT! If you missed the opportunity to listen to my podcast interview. Visit my FB Page: Shana Love Coaching or 👉🏾LISTEN HERE 🎧. 

💕Brief Description of My Interview💕

It’s true! You don’t have to sit around waiting for that right person to come along, you can be consciously working toward it. How? By becoming your very best, learning to accept yourself and be confident in who you are created to be. That way when “Mr. Right” does come along, you’ll be ready to engage fully without the fear and insecurity that have held you back for so long. Learn to make the most of the time you’re single rather than regretting it.


Romance On the Web Posts

Don’t Give Up On LOVE!

Most single adults that I have spoken with, seems to be on the brink of losing hope of experiencing a sustainable LOVING relationship. Many are tired of going on endless dates that leads to a dead end, because, it seems like the other person is only interested in “hooking up”. Some are still recovering from a major break up or divorce and still processing their pain. Few of the single parents are ready to explore the possibilities of entering a new LOVE relationship, yet, they feel somewhat immobilized (oftentimes their ex is still in the picture). These are the few common scenarios that I encounter in conversations with these individuals. They hesitate to move forward in LOVE, because, they are afraid of the same outcome – nowhere.   

I understand how emotionally exhausting it can be if you are someone who has been single for a long time, and tired of getting on the dating merry-go-rounds ( not so merry); or those in a committed relationship the LOVE may seems a bit lackluster. The LOVE or happiness that you truly desire should not be contingent on someone else. When you learn to cultivate more SELF-LOVE and begin to live more authentically, your new mindset cannot accommodate your old mindset. You start to release old stories you believed about yourself that does not match the new person that you are becoming. Your new mindset will shift your perception on LOVE and relationships. 

Just when you were about to give up on LOVE, which, meant you were ready to give up on yourself. The feeling of emotional exhausted is trying to get your attention to look within and stop looking outward for LOVE to feel fulfilled. That emotional unrest is your inner self reaching out to you to go deeper and face your resistance to LOVE. This can feel very uncomfortable, however, this is preparation for a breakthrough where miracles happens. Breakthrough from old love/relationship patterns, self-limited beliefs, or poor boundaries that usually results in self-sabotaging behaviors that keeps you in your comfort zone. Rid the internal barriers by learning to LOVE and accept yourself, which, give yourself permission to be receptive to a romantic LOVE partner that awaits you (or renew the LOVE in an existing relationship).

It’s time to stop waiting for LOVE to arrive and start living your life and thrive. When you begin living your life you’ll notice that you are always surrounded by LOVE. While you maybe waiting on LOVE, LOVE is waiting on you to start LOVING yourself and stop putting your life on hold. Don’t give up on LOVE, because, you can create the greatest LOVE story that begins with YOU!  

Heart Reflections

1) What does giving up on LOVE look like to you? (e.g. a person, relationship, or yourself) 
2) What are some of your personal LOVE expectations that are unfulfilled that maybe contributing to the feeling of unsatisfactory in your current LOVE life? 

3) When you feel emotionally exhausted, what emotions are triggered? Pay attention to what you currently feeling or happening when you feel emotionally exhausted (e.g. certain thoughts, situation, person, or etc.). Self-awareness is key to help you move forward.  

If you feel like your LOVE life needs a BOOST. I would like to connect with you to help give you a JUMPSTART in your LOVE life. Click here to learn more. Remember that True LOVE Is Possible!

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Day 20 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” I have a lot of LOVE to give and it is well received!”

Lately, I been thinking about social CONNECTION among people.  I’m not talking about social media, but, true human CONNECTION.  Don’t get me wrong, social media is an excellent tool that can help people stay connected and I’m grateful to utilize those tools.  However, those tool can oftentimes be misused or overused,which can potentially become a substitute or create limited interactions (face-to-face) with each other if we become overly dependent.  Connecting via in person, phone, or letter carries a personal touch that warms the heart.  Hopefully, these types of connecting would NOT become a lost art.

It can be quite intimidating in a romantic relationship dynamic. This is an area where most people tend to self-sabotage. Due to high vulnerability of allowing yourself to be fully seen by another.  Many people say “I want LOVE”, yet, afraid of giving or receiving it.  

You maybe afraid to open up; fear of rejection holds you back;  you don’t initiate first, because, you are waiting for someone to make the first move. If you have a LOVE interest or dating, you may begin to wonder, “Do they like me?”, “I don’t want to get hurt, again”, or insecurities from past relationships may crop up, and etc. This can feel like a vicious emotional cycles.

Those negative self-talk/thoughts usually keep you in your comfort zone, which, prevents you to explore the limitless POSSIBILITIES that life and LOVE has to offer.

LOVE Nuggets
– I am here to remind you that you are LOVE!

– When you operate from a place of LOVE, you give and receive LOVE more freely.

– Tell someone that you LOVE them.  Expressing those words can uplift a person.

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Day 18 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: “True LOVE Is Possible For Me!”

True LOVE Is Possible!  What immediately comes to mind when you read this phrase? I’ll give you a moment to think about it…  I observe the mixed responses that I get from people when I introduce this phrase.  As a LOVE coach, most often I run into those who are skeptical about “True LOVE”. Then you have those who are HOPEFUL romantics like myself that believe it is possible; and there are those in the middle that believe it is possible for other people,but, not for themselves.  Which category do you think you fall under?

I must confess that I recently binged on Rumi’s LOVE quotes and poems.  Which inspired me to write this LOVE affirmation. If you consider yourself to be a skeptic about “true LOVE”, read a few of Rumi’s LOVE quotes and/or poems.  Then let me know if it shifted your perception in any way, I’m curious to hear your feedback. Anyhow, enough about Rumi (got sidetracked)…

As a hopeful romantic and a LOVE coach. I know that True LOVE Is Possible.  Not only for myself, but, for you as well.  You have to believe it first, hold that inner vision, utilize creative visualizations, and positive affirmations to create this mental shift.  Repeat after me ” True LOVE Is Possible For Me!”… and so it is…

LOVE Nuggets
Here’s a quote from Rumi ( sorry I couldn’t help myself 🙂 )

“Love is an open secret, the most obvious thing in the world and most hidden, with no why to how it keeps its mystery.” ~ Rumi

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