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Day 24 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation:“I Honor Myself by Speaking the TRUTH with LOVE”

Have you ever dreaded a conversation that was necessary? However, not all conversations carries the tone of “being the bearer of bad news”.  This also pertains sharing exciting information or news (e.g. saying “I love you” to someone). Whether you want to share something that is exciting or uncomfortable, a bit of hesitation can be present when delivering your TRUTH.
In my experience, the challenges that I often encounter are more about HOW should I deliver my TRUTH, rather than expressing WHAT is my TRUTH.

Regardless if you have a challenging time telling your TRUTH (suppressing how you really feel); how to deliver the TRUTH (being tactful, without sugar coating); or receiving the TRUTH ( being in denial)

As cliché as it sounds, the TRUTH really does set you free.  Not carrying around an emotional burden can be released by being truthful.  I usually share with people, you have to be honest with yourself first, before you can be honest with someone else.  At the end of the day, the TRUTH circles back to you.

What do you want? What do want in life? What do you what for yourself?  what do you want in a relationship?
Oftentimes, people have a hard time being truthful with themselves, yet, which makes it more difficult to become vulnerable with someone.  In order to grow in this area, the TRUTH begins with you

LOVE Nuggets
–  As long as you are sharing or expressing your TRUTH from a place of LOVE…that’s all you need.

– Telling or hearing the TRUTH can be painful in the moment, yet, it’s better than an lie.
– Embrace your authentic self it’s a way to honoring your truth. 

– Telling the TRUTH can liberating, which can teach you to let go of fear, judgement, or rejection from others and yourself.

– Remember to let your TRUTH be accompanied with LOVE in every situation.

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Day 12 (30 Days Of LOVE Affirmations ™ )

Today’s Affirmation: ” God’s LOVE Is Guiding Me and I Am Now Attuned To The Divine Plan of My Life”


Recently,I have been feeling a strong tug on my heartstrings to make some life decisions that will transform my life.  As it relates to my work/ career life that requires me to get out of my comfort zone.  It’s one of those things that I’m dealing with, you know, ” I know what I need to do,but, don’t do it.  Mentally going back and forth, ‘should I or shouldn’t I, is now a good time to make this decision, or what if.'”  I can go on and on to find reasons that to stall myself from doing the thing that my heart is calling me to do.  I know the outcome will be good,but, the uncertiany of how things are going to unfold can cause me to second guess in myself.

I know that it seems like I’m rambling, in a way, yes I am.  But, that’s how you may sound in your head when weighing out things when making a decision that can change your life and take it to the next level.  The last thing  I want to do is self-sabotage,because, of my unwillingness to grow out of my confront zone.

The past few days the lessons,reminders, and conformations that I have been receiving provides support along this inner journey.  I have been working my FAITH muscles in overdrive.  Holding the desired vision for my life and not be moved by fear, because, my external environment don’t reflect my inner vision I see in my life.  I’m continuing trusting God and the Divine plan for my life and have not come all things way in my personal journey to fail.  I’m only set up for success as long as don’t give into fear and to walk in faith.  All I can do is trust the process and have fun along the way.

LOVE Nuggets

  • Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams!  You are never too young or too old to begin, now is the right time to start.
  • Any seemingly obstacles you may face in pursuit in your dreams can lesson that you can use as your stepping stones to elevate your party. 
  • Know that you are worthy and deserving of the LOVE and LIFE you desire… BELIEVE IT!
  • Feel free to come up with your own LOVE affirmation or interchange words that works best for you.
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This past summer, I remembered my 1st swimming lesson. I was excited and a bit nervous, but, more excited. My swimming lesson was not in pool, it was the OCEAN! Talk about being bold, lol. Obviously, I must TRUST my trainer to take that bold step. As we began, we walked into the water to get comfortable to allow my body to get use to the water temperature. Then we started off with a simple exercise, floating.  He gave me instructions to do it on my own. Then he came to SUPPORT me, which, was assuring. Then I got a mini lesson on the boogie board… the key I had to learn was BALANCE! Then my trainer began to gently push me out of my comfort zone, by removing my “cushion” (boogie board). I began to protest a bit, because, “I was NOT ready” to move that quickly. Then he said something to the notion that was simple, yet, profound. “you look real RELAXED & COMFORTABLE on the board… if you don’t allow yourself to get off the board, you will not meet your goals of learning how to swim”.  When he made that statement, it grabbed my attention. I told him that “I like how you used the reverse Psychology on me”. My trainer stated, it’s not reverse Psychology, it’s the TRUTH. He was correct; I had to face the TRUTH to get over any lingering FEAR.   Then after that moment of truth I felt less fearful and more determined. When my trainer introduced other exercises and/ techniques, I was less resistance and found myself EMBRACING the challenges that I encountered. Whether those encounters were real (losing my balance) or imagined (negative self-talk) I was determined to push past it to OVERCOME. Towards the end of our session, I was so relaxed and having so much FUN!


The overall lessons I learned were…

OCEAN= Taking a BIG step into something new. It can be scary, but, taking the 1st step is an accomplishment within itself.

TRUST= I believe that trust begins with self-1st, before, you can give your/put your TRUST in someone else. A level of trust is necessary to any process one is committed to. In short, like my former graduate professor use to say “TRUST THE PROCESS”.

SUPPORT= I’m never alone; I have the support & guidance along the way in this new venture.

BALANCE= When beginning something new, it’s normal to feel a bit unsettled and to seek balance. You may try this way or that way until you find what works for you. As long as it creates balance.

RELAXED & COMFORTABLE= I’m all for being relaxed & comfortable. However, this goes back to BALANCE. When starting something new, you HAVE TO GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! The only way to get out that zone, is allowing yourself to be stretched. Being stretched is not pleasant or comfortable, but, it is necessary for growth and change.

TRUTH= The truth can set you free, if one choose to accept it. If not, a person may continue to wallow in fear. Most times it’s hard to accept or acknowledge a truth, because, it will require us to make a choice to change something that we may or may not be willing. When truth shows up, how will you choose to deal with it?

FEAR= Everyone has encountered fear in their live at some point, and there are some individuals that live in fear on a constant basis. Fear can have power over you, only if they allow it to. Just like truth, fear is a choice you accept. Here’s another way to look at fear, think of it as information by highlighting any insecurities to one’s awareness.   When fear shows up, how will you choose to deal with it?

EMBRACING= Whether its truth or fear embrace it, it is part of the human experience. Denying what we feel or experience will delay or hinder the growth process. Embracing something fosters self-empowerment! It gives one the courage & determination to pursue the things they desire despite challenges or setbacks.

OVERCOME= When you overcome something, it’s a result embracing one self, regardless of external circumstances. It’s the internal desire/motivation that wants you to obtain something greater than one’s current situation. It’s that inner determination & motivation pushes us to achieve our desired goal(s).

FUN= This one of the most important factor. Remember to have FUN!!   Regardless where you are in your process, a little FUN makes any journey/path much sweeter! 🙂

If you are ready to step out of land of fear and into the sea of love, please don’t hesitate to schedule for your complimentary love assessment (30mins).  Dive in to learn and explore new lessons in love!

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ROW: DAY 3 (7/16/14)

Today I updated my profile and it felt good!  I spoke with my friend Cherry and shared about my updated profile, she congratulated me.  Also, I mentioned the minor situation yesterday with Mr. “Houdini”.  Cherry stated that it is not unusual for people to ask for phone number to text/talk.  I stated that I understand, however, it also depends on the person and the context of a situation.  “Mr. Houdini” did not greet himself or initiated to chat online 1st ;he bypassed “common courtesy” protocol and I was not cool.  Cherry was trying to see the best of both sides of the situation.  Also, I think she wanted to make sure that I was keeping an open mind about this online dating process (just my thoughts).   I did share with her that for someone’s 1st time doing this online dating thing, that his approach can seem a bit overwhelming, that’s all.  Cherry understood my perspective and I reminded her that I have to take baby steps.  One thing that I learned, you have to go at your own pace and do what feels comfortable for you.   As long as you reach or fulfill the goals that you set out to accomplish.

I picked up a friend from the airport and we were catching up with each other.   I told her that I started online dating and how my friend Cherry encouraged me to try it.  I told her that I’m trying this for 30 days and see how things unfold.  My friend asked  “Isn’t the goal to find a relationship?  I stated “yes”, however, I see online dating as another venue to meet people.  Of course, I am ready to be in a long-term relationship, however, I’m taking a light approach to the dating “getting my feet wet” by getting to know different people.  I am new to this whole “online dating thing” and after my 30 days experience I can decide to continue or not.  Depending on my experience, if it’s good then I may decide to continue; if it’s not my “cup of tea” then I am finished.  Overall, I do not want to get attach to the result or the outcome. There will be times when I may feel uncomfortable by being stretched out of my comfort zone.  And that’s okay!

I know that many people have their own views, philosophy, approach, and/or style to online dating.  I’m just sharing how I view online dating in my world.  If I connect with someone, I will welcome the opportunity to explore a relationship.  I am enjoying and trusting the process by BEING IN THE MOMENT.  And if along this journey I stumble upon a beautiful treasure in the most unlikely place, I will gladly receive it.  Who knows?!   It may be possible to find someone to share this journey called life with…

Heart Moments

  • If you are new to online dating or contemplating if you should.  Just remember to go at your own pace. As long you meet or fulfill your personal goal that is all that matters.
  • It’s great to have expectations, however, don’t allow yourself to get to attached to the result or outcome.
  • Remember to enjoy and trust the process, be in the moment, and have fun!

*Heart Moments: Are reflections from the heart from the lessons that I learned during my experiences that can serve as tidbit/take-away wisdom as reminders for ourselves.

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ROW Day 1: 7/14/14

Today is the official day that my profile was set up by my friend Cherry. “ I still cannot believe that I am doing this! … this seems so crazy and out of my element.  Online dating is not my cup of tea.  How in the world did I allow my friend Cherry to convince me? Or did she? Or was there a little part of me that has been curious of ‘ what if ‘ ?”   These were few of the random thoughts that were racing in my mind.  At this point in my life I decided to allow myself to be open… however, I am being open with conditions, lol.  This was the only way that I agreed try this online dating thing.  When my friend Cherry completed my profile, I was shocked that I received so many  responses/messages within 30 minutes, I was taken aback.  I was at work when I was experiencing this inner tug of war with myself.  Again the mind chatter began, “what have I gotten myself into?” and all sorts of thoughts were going back and forth about this decision.  I was fussing (in my head) at Cherry that she convinced me to try this online dating thing.  Then I tried to calm myself down and allow myself to try something new and create a new experience.

I sound crazy, right, lol.  But if you are someone like me or it’s your 1st time online dating, probably you can relate. The only thing that kept me calm was reminding myself “it’s only for 30 days and you could do it.”  Then I had a mini pep talk with myself, “If you are going to commit to this process, you need to do it wholeheartedly to get the full experience”.  Then I had an “aha” moment!  Two movies came to mind (I know it’s random) when I thought about this new journey.  The movie Julie & Julia and Perfect Combination are the 2 movies that jumped into my mind.

Let me give you all a very brief summary of each of these movies and how it inspired me to create this blog.  The movie “Julie & Julia” the main character is Julie Powell (Amy Adams).  Julie is an ordinary office worker that took a personal challenge to prepare every recipe from Julia Child’s cookbook and blog about it.  The other movie “Perfect Combination” the main character is Rick (Christian Keyes).  Rick is committed to his work and has everything going for him, except in the romance department.  Rick decides to hire a matchmaker (which is out of the ordinary for him) to help him find romance and gone through a series of dates and navigated the dating process.  You may be wondering, how these two movies fit into my romance journey… Well, online dating is very foreign to me and never pictures myself doing this, much less to blog about it (I don’t know what has gotten into me)!  Where is Shana and what have you done with her, lol…  The people who are close to me know that I am a very private person, especially, when it comes to this subject.   Maybe, I’m at a place in my life that I’m not concern of other people’s opinion and just embracing the new me, plus I am ready for love (no pun intended, India Aire )…  Let the journey begin! 🙂

                                      Heart Moments

  • I am learning that being stretched out of your comfort zone is a good thing.  Though it can be scary and you may tell yourself, “I could never!…”  try to push pass that fear.  If the thing that you fear has some inkling of curiosity or desire, then be willing to take the baby steps to TRY.  But, do not shy away from the opportunity to grow.
  • The worst thing that can happen is that I can meet great people (that’s the intention that I’m setting/holding).  This online dating journey is not solely about going out on a date or finding a mate, but, also learning aspects of myself in this process … and speaking of process, I’m going to TRUST  it!

*Heart Moments: Are reflections from the heart of the lessons that I learned during my experiences that can serve as tidbit/take-away wisdom as reminders for ourselves.