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Welcome to Shana Love Coaching! I am a Certified Creative Love® Coach that assists individuals to grow more in self-love. I believe that self-love is the foundation in any and every relationships; and this is an area that is often overlooked. My overall goal is to help individuals to rediscover the love from within. When a person grows more in self- love, they will gain more clarity in love, life, and overall relationships.

Are you a single man or woman, who is exhausted playing the dating game and ready for a true meaningful romantic relationship; and refuse to settle because you know that true love is possible? Are you an individual who like to grow more in self-love to experience a richer and satisfying life. Then I am the coach for you! However, I must warn you about the possible side effects of self-love. You may experience an increase in self-confidence, joy, happiness, self-acceptance, and occasional laughter. If you are ready to experience more love and to live your ideal life. Please sign up now for your complimentary Love Assessment (30 mins). I look forward to assist you in your love journey!

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  1. I was curious what Shana did and I instantly felt comfortable with her so I signed up for a 30 min Shadow consultation. Within 30 min and with what felt like revealing very little information, Shana was able to really dig deep into what was really hindering my success. I was really impressed with how intuitive she was and how quickly we made progress. I am looking forward to working with Shana further, Thank you again! -Kaylee Spinhirn, CEO & Founder of http://www.spinhirnsolutions.com


  2. love your website congratulation on your success may your dream be fullfill I know you can do whatever comes your way, I will be signing up.


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